February 2016 | Monthly Favorites

Well it has been almost an entire month since my last post.. whoops. So, without rehashing my failures, here’s the best stuff this last month had to offer me.

At the beginning of this month my Dad and I went to see The Finest Hours. I knew I wanted to see this movie purely because it was set in the 1950’s, so I knew I’d love the sets, makeup, hair, and costuming. It also happens to be about a true life historical event, another thing I’m into. The plot was basically about a very small group of coast guardsmen who are sent out on an impossible mission. Well, spoiler alert, this is a Disney movie. THANK GOD. I had seen not-Disney movie after not-Disney movie and I was getting seriously sick of leaving the movie theater feeling worse than when I came in. I mean, really, can something good happen for once?! Well, it’s a Disney movie, so by default, there is a happy ending. Again, THANK GOD. Oh and also, tons of hotties. 10 out of 10, would recommend.

Did you think this guy was apart of The Finest Hour cast? While he certainly looks the part, this babe was actually living in the 1950’s. My music obsession of February has oddly enough been a jazz musician, Chet Baker. He plays mostly trumpet along with a few other instruments, and does some super sexy singing. February is tough because you know nicer weather is just around the corner, but your winter blues are clinging on for dear life. I just haven’t been in the mood to listen to anything with lyrics, or acoustic guitar, or anything that might invoke any negative emotion. My buddy Chet has been exactly what I’ve needed to avoid all that, not to mention TOTAL HOTTIE. Wow, so many hotties this month.


It wouldn’t be a favorites without makeup, now would it? I bought my first Colour Pop lipstick this month.. clearly should have gotten on that train a long time ago. I went for Lumiere 2 in the Ultra Matte Lip, which is sort of a dark mauve-y purple-y color. Looks like this on my lips. Certainly lives up to all the hype it’s getting in the online beauty world. I would however mention to anyone who goes ahead and purchases one of these beauties, make sure to check your teeth after you eat. The color holds great, but it does flake a little so you can end up with a serious case of lipstick teeth.

My second beauty favorite is this Jordana blush in Rose Silk. Not a lot to say to say about this product other than it’s amazing. Great color payoff, long lasting, no smell, basically everything you want in a blush.


My absolute favorite thing of the month is this (fictional) mini series on YouTube by Nike, Margot vs. Lily. It’s about 2 sisters who challenge each other to basically achieve what the other already has. Margot, to create a successful YouTube fitness channel, and Lily, to make new friends. It’s hilarious, relatable, and really well made. The script will make you laugh, the set will make you want to redecorate, and the characters will make you want to workout and then eat potato chips. Besides the series itself, with each episode they have actually made a super short of Lily’s channel. Of course, this is advertising for Nike, so they encourage you to download their Nike+ Training App. I did and let me tell you, that little app can kick your ass.

I hope you checkout one or two of my favorites from this month, you won’t be disappointed. I made a calendar of potential posts for March, so.. I might post more than twice this month.. WATCH OUT WORLD!



Ipsy Bag Review

Ipsy is a personalized monthly make-up subscription bag. When you first sign-up for Ipsy you answer a series of questions from hair and eye color, to fashion, to this makeup vs. that hair product. You can retake this survey at any time during your subscription if your answers change (like hair color, or a suddenly obsession with lipstick). The website then generates a profile for you, and at this point you officially sign up to receive your Glam Bag.

The following month you will be charged $10, and every month after that until you cancel your subscription. Sometime around the middle of each month you will receive your Glam Bag in the mail!

So what makes Ipsy different than other cosmetic subscription bags? First and foremost, the cost. Ipsy is one of the least expensive subscription bags out there. Each month you get 5 products. You typically get at least one full size product in your bag, which is almost always equal to or greater than the cost of the bag. On average the bags are between a $40 and $60 value. AND each month’s products come in an actual useable bag.

Ipsy, like every other brand in the world, is very social media connected. Each month there are hashtags that you can use on whatever social media you like. By using the hashtags and tagging Ipsy, you are entered to win a cash prize. I always do this because, hello! free prizes, but also because sometimes brands will comment on your photos! It makes me feel famous.

Many subscription bags come with coupons or offers for the products in the bag. Ipsy’s offers are located on their website (how green of them). They publish new offers every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00am PT. There are often only a limited number so if you want it, get it! Additionally Ipsy offers a point system to earn rewards. You can review products, share your reviews, review your Glam Bag, share your Ipsy subscription, etc., to earn points. Those points can be used to add additional products to your bag.

Lastly, Ipsy has a YouTube channel where beauty gurus give tips, and tutorials. The products used in the videos can found in that month’s Glam Bag, or are products that Ipsy is currently offering a deal for on their website.

So that’s what Ipsy is. I would highly recommend it, especially if you’ve never tried a subscription service before. The products are always pretty diverse, and great quality. I also like that they are often from lesser known brands. It’s great way help expose smaller brands, and just because they may not be as popular does not mean they aren’t excellent products!

If you are interested signing up for Ipsy, please click HERE for my referral link!

Do you use a monthly subscription service? Leave a comment below with your favorites!

P.S. If you like a product be sure to check out the brand’s Instagram page. They often share a coupon code related to Ipsy around the time subscribers reiceve their bags!

May Favorites

I’m a material girl, no qualms about it. May means birthday presents, and for the last 3 months I have been receiving a makeup subscription box called Ipsy. So, here are some of the things, mostly provided by my birthday or Ipsy, that I have been using and loving throughout the month of May.

Glamoureyes Mascara – Stila
When my Aunt Sue (an infamous gift giver) asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said makeup. Next thing I know there is a box of Stila products at my door. She killed it. This mascara has been my new favorite, replacing my Two Faced Better Than Sex. I like my lashes to look full and thick, even a little on the messy side. I want it to be obvious that I am wearing mascara, like Hello Lashes! Mascara and brows are the 2 things I have to wear everyday.

Into The Wild Body Spray – Bath and Body Works
I got this several semi-annual sales ago, and it has since been my go-to summer scent. I tried to find it on their website, but I think it has been discontinued. You know they re-bottle/brand their scents under different names though, so I’m sure there is something very close. You can also purchase it on Amazon. I’m not even going to try and describe, just know I love it, and you should buy it for yourself because it’s nice, and then we could all smell the same and start some kind of smell-good club.

LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Haute Pink Twist – Covergirl
I think I paid maybe $2.00 for this. Sale price at Target. Gotta love those sale bins on the back end caps by the toothpaste, or hate them because you buy things like mousse foundation that has glitter in it.. that was a waste of money. But this! This was not a waste. I love the formula of these gloss balms, very smooth and moisturizing. They have pretty good color payoff, but they aren’t too bright. You know, so it’s not like whoa, LIPS! More like, soft pretty pink lips.

Eye Shadow in Kitten – StilaBAM! This eyeshadow. Yah need it. Best browbone highlight. I have seen so many great tutorials using this. Kitten is slightly sparkly, but not too sparkley, and it works with both warm and cool tones. YAH NEED IT! I also like to wear this all over my lid with a light brown in my crease on days were I’m not going all out. Thanks again Aunt Sue. Did I mention she killed it?

ChromaSilk VIVIDS in Violet by Pravana

If you are coloring your hair a “fantasy” color, and you’ve done your research, you know Pravana. Pravana is professional color, so if you are not a professional, you will have to find yourself one to buy you this good-good. My amazing stylist/colorist/all-around great friendist, Jacqueline gave this to me for my birthday. This color makes your hair SO (insert color here). My hair is violet, which is why I’ve been wearing mainly cool tones. I can warm warm tones now, but prior to my four hair washes, my hair was so freaking purple, that I much preferred cool tones. I could go on and on about how obsessed with my own hair I was (still am), since using this color. OBSESSED. HAIR FLIP.

Blush in Charmed – Hikari
This folks, is why I decided to invest in a subscription box service. This is a full size blush that cost $15 (plus whatever shipping is), and the Ipsy bag cost $10 a month. I want new products all the time, so the subscription box has totally saved me some money. Not to mention try brands that I normally wouldn’t. ANYWAY, the blush. This blush is pigmented as heck, like watch yourself because you might end up look like a little miss pageant girl. This color a cool toned pink, which is great because usually pinks around this shade can look too warm and coral-y.

Leggings in Black – New Mix
My Mom bought these for me my birthday. I can’t direct you where to buy them, because she bought them for me at a boutique in Michigan. BUT in case you ever run into them someplace, you should grab a pair or two. These are fairly thin, so it’s something you’d want to wear with a dress over it, to totally cover your bum. I like them because while they aren’t tights, which constantly fall down on me, you can still slightly see my tattoos through, and thus they are breathable. Only downside, you can’t dry them, so if you’re like me, you really have to try and remember to pull them out at the end of the wash cycle. They are one-size fits all, which totally freaked me out, but they do in fact fit my big ole booty.

Authentic Lo Pro in Black – Vans

My most favorite shoes ever. I have them in teal as well, but I needed the black and white so I could wear them with everything. These shoes are comfortable, and stylin’. I would choose these over Converse, because they have more support and are a little more durable.

Those were my favorite products of May. I hope I’ve encouraged you to add them to your wish-list, they are absolutely worth it. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below!

Weekend Wrap-Up: Halloween

Halloween was a heck of a good weekend. Here are all of my favorite pictures specifically relating to Halloween. Friday afternoon I made my roommate, Graham, look a bit dead, and our friend, Dylan, into what was supposed to be Zoro. My party didn’t happen, so that was a bummer. But shout to the my Tiger friend, Maranda, for coming. Thankfully I didn’t end up making any jello shots, so nothing was wasted. I went as a creepy doll. It was probably my most favorite makeup I’ve ever done. People were so freaked out by it. It was AWESOME. Here are some pictures of friends and strangers.


On Saturday Audrey and I did a couple costume. She was Zak Bagans, and I was a ghost. If you have no clue who I’m talking about, check out Ghost Adventures on the Travel Chanel.


I loved the aftermath of putting on all that makeup. Friday night with the girls was a great time. Saturday it was just Audrey and myself out on the town, and while we love running into all our friends, we’ve been having a bunch of fun just the two of us.

This week has been crazy. I am sick, yet again. Another ear infection. I got all my classes scheduled for next semester, had all my questions answered, and I am feeling much better about everything school related. Today is the first meeting of the Communication Studies Association. Audrey is out of town playing a show. I’ve got a bunch of blog posts I want to get up. Sorry this was pretty quick, but I hope you enjoyed the photos!

My YouTube Addiction

I am obsessed with YouTube. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a bit odd, but then I remind myself I am watching YouTube channels with anywhere between 1 and 5 MILLION subscribers. So that cancels out all weirdness if that many people do it too, right? Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers and what you can expect from their channel. Oh, and you’ll probably notice a couple reoccurring themes; girls, British, make-up, funny.


Zoe Sugg is a British YouTuber that mostly posts hair and makeup tutorials, hauls (which is like sharing everything you bought on a shopping trip), and YouTube Challenges (which is when YouTubers do things just to make a video, like play sherades, or blindfolded taste tests). She also has a vlog channel, MoreZoella. She wears a lot of peter pan collars, has 2 adorable guinea pigs, and was in a Harry Potter movie.



Jaclyn Hill is a professional make-up artist who posts makeup, and occasionally hair, tutorials and reviews. Just a heads up, she’s got kind of an obnoxious voice. Audrey hates when I watch her videos. Sorry, boo. Jaclyn is very informative, and her tutorials are really easy follow. Several of my favorite beauty items are products that she recommended. For example; Nume 19MM Curling Wand, Sigma Make-Up Brushes, and the Anastaia Brow Wiz. She often has discount codes, so many of these items I did not pay full price for!!


Hannah Hart.. my girl crush for so many reason. First of all, great name. Secondly, she’s so damn cute; she has a little lisp, really great hair, and is absolutely hilarious. Third, her internet claim to fame is a series called My Drunk Kitchen. She gets drunk and cooks. Do you see why she is my girl crush?! I have been watching My Drunk Kitchen since it’s beginning in 2011, but now Hannah posts many other videos such as YouTube Challenges, and quirky advice videos, which are both as equally entertaining.


Louise Watson is another British YouTuber that posts many of the same types of videos as Zoella, they’re best friends, but Louise has her own fabulous personality. One of Louise’s main focuses is empowering women of all shapes and sizes. She also has a ridiculously adorable daughter, Darcy (who is in the video above). Louise starts every video with “Aloha Sprinklerinos,” which is what her fan base goes by. She is both informative and funny. She too has a vlog channel; SprinkleofChatter.


Nicole Guerriero is one very Italian makeup blogger. She offers both hair and make-up tutorials, hauls, product reviews, crafty home décor DIY’s, and some fashion related videos. Her style is very bold, and while she is not a professional make-up artist, she is great at teaching her viewers the techniques she uses to apply her make-up.


Mamrie Hart (yeah, she’s Hannah’s sister) is the seriously hilarious, seriously inappropriate, lady behind the series You Deserve A Drink. She creates a drink based on a person, or group, that she thinks deserves a drink. While she teaches you to make these tasty concoctions, she makes typically sexual, always hilarious, puns between each step.

Tanya Burr:

Tanya Burr is yet another British YouTuber. She’s also pals with Zoella and SprinkleOfGlitter. She posts mostly make-up tutorial based videos. However, she does occasionally post fashion videos, as well as cooking tutorials. She too, like the other make-up YouTubers I watch, is great at giving clear and helpful instructions.


I hope you have enjoyed this trip through my YouTube subscriptions. Leave me a comment if you enjoyed any of these videos, or with your favorite YouTube channel!


The Make-Up Files

Last month I ventured into a new skill area.. Theater Make-Up. Sure, I’ve done makeup on myself since way before I should have been (can I get a hell-yah for blue lipstick?!). I’ve also worked on theater productions before, doing my own and others makeup .. But teach, and take charge, of an entire productions makeup.. What!? Well, that’s just what I did. After searching the internet for inspiration, and finally gathering up the appropriate makeup, I, with the help of a group of wonder high school girls, created the makeup for the characters of The Wizard of Oz.