Winter Road Trip | Exploring Northeastern Iowa

On Sunday, my Dad planned a little road trip for the two of us. First, we headed to Manchester, Iowa. This past summer the town completed a whitewater park in the river that runs through town. A good friend of my Dad’s played a huge role in bringing this awesome attraction to Northeastern Iowa. While I may not have a chance to get into the water there anytime soon, it was interesting to learn a little about how the course works.

From there we stopped at the Field of Dreams movie site, the grotto in North Buena Vista, Sny Magill Mound Site and Pikes Peak. We enjoyed lunch at 1-R’s St. Olaf Tap, where we spit what might have been the biggest and most delicious tenderloin I’ve ever had. Also, I pet a mini horse.

We maybe kinda sorta might be related.
Check out this picture and this picture from my last trip to Pikes Peak to see the difference between seasons. I much prefer the summer shots.

A great little adventure, and a perfect way to start off 2016. Another mark towards one of my 25 before 26 goals!




Over the last couple years my Dad has found a new passion in life, sailing. He had never sailed before (he always says ‘If you’d had told me 30 years ago I’d be doing this, I NEVER would have believed you!’), and after meeting a couple sailors, decided to try it for himself. My Dad being Dad, of course decided to build his own boat. After learning to sail that boat, and then updating a kayak he’d previously built into a sailing kayak, he decided to purchase a bit larger sailboat. The Potter is a 15 foot boat with 2 sails. After naming 2 boats after my Mom, this boat has my name on it! Soon a new decal will be put on that spans the width of the back of the boat, and says “Sweet Hannah Pea” but for now “Hannah Pea” is still amazing. I was beyond thrilled when he told me, and it was even cooler seeing my name on that beautiful sailboat for the first time.

image (1)
image (2)

A week ago today my Dad, his friend Roger, and myself, drove to Clear Lake, Iowa. It is a beautiful town with about a 3 mile long lake in the middle of it. Roger played a huge role in teaching my Dad to sail, and his boat was the first sailboat I ever rode in. Once we arrived in Clear Lake my Dad taught me the basics of setting up his boat, and then we were off. Of course it wouldn’t be a Father-Daughter day without some sort of crazy mishaps, and I did almost fall out of the boat once, but overall it was an awesome success. There is about a gazillion things to learn when it comes to sailing, and I can’t wait to get back in the boat and learn more!

image (3)image (4)image (5)

I didn’t take as many pictures on the boat as I had hoped, as I was almost falling out, and needing to pay attention to directions. On our way of town we stopped at this adorable little ice cream place for a sundae and a peanut butter malt. I wonder how much ice cream my Dad and I shared together… okay nevermind, not wondering, too much.