Food You Can Wear

Some of the best stuff to smear on your face is food, and I don’t just mean the messy foods like sloppy joes or spaghetti sauce. Food products are some of my favorite things to put on my skin. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my skin hates winter. It’s like it knows the second the season changes. I get dry patches, red patches, extra oil.. hell. During the less extreme months, my skin is a more normal state of combination, but I always have a little redness and rarely have any zits. Now that you know all about my skin type, let’s get to the food.. or products..

Of all the food products there are, my three favorite have got to be coconut oil, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar (that’s what’s in the green bottle, not Grolsch). The greatest part about using food products is how inexpensive they are, especially when it comes to quantity. I usually go for the cheap stuff, so I’m not sure if you spent more money on higher quality how that would affect their performance on your skin.

Olive oil compared to coconut oil is a bit lighter. I only use olive oil on my face. I’ve noticed it’s most helpful with dry eyelids. Other products always make my lids puffy and sometimes even make my eyes red and goopy (ew). I use other beauty oils on my face as well, but good ole olive oil continues to be my favorite.

Coconut oil on the other hand is thicker. I love to use coconut oil all over my entire body, but it can leave you a little greasy, so I usually just use it at night. When I get those pesky dry patches, anywhere but especially on my face, it’s the best and can usually clear them up in just a couple days. My Mom just started using coconut oil and she’s totally hooked. If you’ve never tried an oil before, I would highly recommend starting with coconut oil. Not too expensive so if you don’t like you haven’t wasted a boat load of money. Just use it sparingly, say once a day, so you can ease your skin into oil.

Oh and if you already have oily skin, sometimes an oil can be the best thing for it. Your skin might be over producing oil because it’s dry, adding oil to it may clear it right up!

Sorry for the gross nails!
Lastly, my newest addiction is apple cider vinegar. My friend Marie made a batch of vinegar and I have been using it for everything and anything. On my face it works perfect as a toner, applied with a cotton pad. Vinegar, of course, does have an odor, but the smell goes away as soon as it dries. ACV is an antiseptic so it can dry out your skin if over used, but it’s great for clearing and shrinking pores.

Of course, this is just what has worked for me. No guarantees on how these will work for your skin. But, like I’ve said, these products are all very inexpensive, so if something doesn’t work you haven’t wasted too much of your money!

What food do you like to use on your face?


2 thoughts on “Food You Can Wear

  1. I’ve used apple cider vinegar in place of conditioner. Last year I religiously used it and after a few weeks my hair looked SO much shinier and healthier. Took away frizz and dullness! It’s about that time where I’m going to start it back up again!


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