January 2016 | Monthly Favorites

January has just been dragging by.. like, slow and painful. I think it might be my least favorite, and then February. But, despite my hate for it’s winter-y-ness, I still have some favorite things from the month that I want to share with you.

My number one favorite thing of the month was Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp. Yoga Camp is 30 days of yoga, with an emphasis on both a healthy body and mind. In addition to a daily practice video, Adriene offers a daily affirmation or mantra. Everything from I Am Strong to I Deserve. You sort of fill in the blank to make the affirmation work for you. She sends out these great inspiration emails every morning with the link to the video, the affirmation, and a little pep talk. I feel like this girl is one of my friends. For those of you are who very serious about yoga, she might not be the girl for you. She’s very lighthearted and absolutely hilarious, which for me is encouraging and motivating. She is an amazing guide, coaching you through each pose, offering to catch you if you fall, and always encouraging you to find what feels good. You can being your 30 days of Yoga Camp at anytime (including the daily email), and it’s free! Learn more and sign-up here!

Next on my list would have to be my Shensee watch. This little buddy cost me a whole $4.40 and it tells time. Honestly, don’t even care if it tells time. Just wanted it to look stylish, and it does. If you are like me and can’t afford a Daniel Wellington or Kate Spade or any other large face leather band beauty, try this guy on for size.

Another practical addition to my wardrobe are my UrbanEars Plattan headphones. While my previous pair worked alright, the sound quality wasn’t great, and they were red, which did not match all my outfits. Yes. That matters. These are relatively inexpensive and great quality. They come with a poster and stickers too. Now I just need to make a cute little bag to carry them in!

In the beauty department, I had a hard time deciding. My skin hates winter as much as I do, which makes it difficult to determine how good a product is when it works one week and doesn’t the next. One minute I would say it’s my Ocean Salt Cleanser from Lush, and the next I would say it’s my Sensitive Post Shave Balm from Nivea (if you haven’t heard, this the new ‘best primer ever’). My skin is just too all over the place, even my eye shadows aren’t working right. However, it has been requested I write more beauty reviews or tutorials. Perhaps I will give that a go.. remember last week when I was going to write more editorials? We’ll get there.

Well, clearly I’d highly recommend all this stuff. Especially the yoga. I need to write a health update as well. Seriously. What am I doing? I have so much to write about and blog like twice a month.. I’m sorry.




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