Christmas Wishes Granted | My Christmas Gifts 2015

Every year I am amazed by how generous my family and friends are. I wanted to share a few of the gifts I received both as a way to say thank you, but also just to show off my sweet new stuff. People in the blogosphere always say ‘I’m not trying to brag’ when they share their gifts.. I’m totally bragging. Look at how amazing my family and friends are, and how well they know me, and how now I have all this sweet stuff. BRAGGIN’! That doesn’t mean I’m not super grateful and humbled, duh.

All the way from the Great State of Texas, my cousin Patty sent me this makeup travel roll.. WITH MY NAME ON IT!! I don’t care how old I get, anything with my name embroidered on it is immediately like 10 times fancier and makes me feel like a princess. She also included a few items already in the roll, such as nail polish, mascara, and lotion. This baby is super practical for a makeup crazy person like myself. I even travel with a mirror and, depending on length of stay, a cup for my brushes. My obsession with makeup is even crazier than my obsession with Christmas. THANK YOU PATTY AND TONY!

This sweet little pencil case is from my dear friend Jessica. To be honest, it’s not the coolest gift she got me. She bought me this little baby shelf that you hang on the wall and then you can put lipsticks or compacts on it. It was sort of a weird thing to take a picture of, so I used the case as a filler. Another practical gift related to makeup. Did I mention these people know me so well? THANKS JESS!!

Without fail, my brother Sye sent me some Aesop. I’m addicted to this brand. For Christmas, he sent me Remove, their eye makeup remover. You can use Remove with just water or add a few drops into your cleanser to help beef up the removal process for stubborn makeup. Goodbye lash glue. Are we seeing a theme here? THANKS SYE!

Oh look, something not makeup related! Alright if I had to give away all my presents except one, or if this was a competition, these boots.. I can’t. My Mom nailed it. I probably wouldn’t have even tried these boots on, because as a lady who is 5’9″ I just automatically avoid heals. I am so glad that my Mom took the ‘risk’. I’ve worn them almost everyday since Christmas Eve. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!

Oh hello another practical gift. So I have the Camelback water bottle that everyone and their Mom has (literally, my Mom has one), but it sucks. It makes fart noises when you drink out of it and it leaks. I haven’t used this yet, but the mouthpiece locks down, there’s a bit so you can clip it on things, and the straw unscrews instead of just being able to pull it out. I’m thinkin’ this Contigo is going to be a winner. THANKS MOM AND DAD!

And lastly, THIS STOCKING. How flippin’ adorable!! I saw this on Kate’s Instagram and almost went out bought one, but I figured my Mom would probably get me one, because … crazy cat lady (wow, I’m crazy about a lot of stuff). Kate Brennan Hall  has like a million adorable prints, but I’m officially calling this one my favorite of all time. I also got 2 sets of cards with the same print, I’m framing one to have out at all times. THANKS MOM!

This is not even half of my gifts, and I literally love all of them, but for sake of not looking like a spoiled brat I just shared a few. I hope you enjoyed! I will be back with some reviews of other things I got such as a new planner and a couple books.

I hope you were as happy with your Christmas gifts as I was. What did you get? What was your favorite item that you gave to someone? I bought my BFF’s new purses because they’ve literally had the same ones the entire time we’ve been friends. I think I they both loved them. I love practical gifts.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes Granted | My Christmas Gifts 2015

  1. Oh Hannah dear! I’m so glad you love your roll up bag! I put a few of my favorite things there for you… you know MK is my love language LOL!
    So funny you posted that, there is actually a special now for $10 off that bag (only on my personal website put the “10offbag” in the comment and the discount will be taken before payment 🙂


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