Cedar Rock | Frank Lloyd Wright

At the beginning of the month, my lovely friend Becca and I visited Cedar Rock. The home, built by Frank Lloyd Wright for Lowell and Agnes Walter, was completed in 1950. It’s basically heaven. Built in the Usonian style, the design is all about simplicity and connecting with nature. There are so many unique features, both inside and outside, from the almost entirely glass living room, to the boathouse by the river. While I would love to share every magical detail of this home, I hope my pictures speak for themselves. It is worth noting, that this home is incredibly special and one of a kind. Almost all of the contents, from the fabric of the chairs to the dishes the Walter Family ate off of were chosen by Wright. If you would like more information on the home, I encourage you to visit it in Quasqueton or check out the Friends of Cedar Rock website.

A special gigantic THANK YOU to our docent, Rick Knivsland, who also happens to sit next to me at work. He is an excellent guide, and only looked at us like we were slightly crazy when we asked to go on the tour twice. His knowledge of the design was beyond your average docent, and I would highly recommend visiting in the Spring when he can be your guide.


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