October Occasion

There is something special about the start of a new month. This month in particular feels like the start of a new season as well. I think most people associate September with the beginning of fall, but last month my tomatoes were still providing lunch on a daily basis, I was wearing shorts and flipflops, and drinking anything pumpkin flavor sounded revolting… Still kind of does. So October claims fall this year for me. I wanted to share a few things I’ve been enjoying lately, random pictures that I’ve yet to post, and some general updates.

Drinks on the patio at Cypress with Jessica.

First of all, I’ve been writing for Odyssey. Writing for an online magazine has been more challenging than I expected. With my blog, if I don’t feel inspired to share anything, I don’t have to. But, when you’ve committed to writing once a week, you have to write once a week. Thus far I’ve shared how I ended up in college at 25, the awkwardness of singledom, tattoos and interviews, gifs of teen dramas, and a short photo essay. Posts go up every Monday, and if you like them please share them via social media. Unfortunately shares determine the success of articles.

C&C Music Factory headlined at Cedar Valley Pride Fest this year. It was raining, but nothing can stop Pride attendees from dancing.

I have been fully addicted to television. It’s a great way to focus less on the quietness of my house, and it servers as an excellent distraction from the stress of college. In terms of teen dramas, I would highly recommend Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth. But, if you’re looking for something with a little more quality, I can’t say enough good things about NARCOS. It’s a Netflix original about the criminal exploits of Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. There’s drama, drugs, murder, and lots of amazing scenes set by swimming pools in the mountains/jungles of Columbia. What more do you want?

A shot from our Super Blood Lunar Eclipse Watch Party. I took this shot through our spotting scope.

Onto beauty products, because what would any kind of synopsis of my current life be without a beauty product or two. Number one favorite product at the moment is the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. If you’re a beauty product junkie, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. It’s real matte, as in really matte. But doesn’t result in chalk face. It’s buildable, long lasting, yada yada yada. Yah need it. But buy it at Target or Walmart, it’s cheaper. You’re welcome.

Visiting my favorite Des Moines girlies.

Next product you need in your life, CoverGirl The Super Sizer mascara. Can someone please explain how they name mascaras? I mean I’m sure it’s a difficult job, but.. The Super Sizer? No. Names aside, this mascara is fabulous. It’s got one of those itty bitty tiny wands, so if big clumpy lashes are your thing, don’t buy this. But if you like 10,000 tiny fairy lashes, winner! Doesn’t flake, a zillion lashes, new favorite.

I can’t believe I had a tiny part in this flower showing up in my yard. Zinnias may be replacing the peony as my favorite flower.

October has been great thus far, and we are only seven days in! I’ve got almost every weekend filled with fun this month, so I’m going to push myself to blog about all of the adventures. I know in a few short months I will truly cherish being able to look back at all of the fun I had with my friends.


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