Pontoon Party

The last weekend of August was the highly anticipated pontoon trip. Okay, being honest, any trip involving water or a boat, I highly anticipate. But, this was one particularly special because it was basically the last weekend of summer, the last hurrah, the calm before the storm, etc.

Anna booked this amazing pontoon, complete with grill, on Big Creek Lake. Sam, our captain and Anna’s boyfriend, motored us around the lake all day. Kudos to Sam for getting a crash course is pontoon driving and totally nailing it. From one end of the lake to the other, and in and out of coves, not to mention the boat was full of hooligans. Nailed. It.

The weather was practically perfect. While the sun didn’t make much of an appearance, it was still warm enough to swim. We dropped anchor in a few coves to jump off the boat and use life jackets as floaties. The best part was being able to just sit on the boat and not fry in the sun. We drank mimosas, grilled, and even flew a kite.

After our water adventure, we all set up camp at Jester Park. My Dad lent me an amazing tent, tall enough to stand up in. I am never again going back to a tent that you can’t host a dance party in. After we set up camp, we ventured out on short hike through the woods. The trail led to this beautiful overlook of Saylorville Lake. We spent the evening gathered around the fire, roasting brats, hot dogs, and marshmallows.

What a fantastic weekend, with a wonderful group of people. There was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend boat rental at Big Creek, and camping Jester Park.

So long sweet summer! I will miss you, but I am so excited for fall. #PTP2K15


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