On Saturday, the 27th of June, Audrey’s Dad and his fiance were married! We drove down to Des Moines to celebrate with the two of them. It was a beautiful day and they were so happy. Not to mention I had the best steak of my life. That Sunday Octopus put on a benefit show for a kids Lego League. It was the cutest show to ever happy at the Octopus. Peas and Carrot played, so my family got to enjoy their musical stylings, which was certainly a highlight of their trip.

1. Ines and I
2. Ines, Audrey, and Myself
3-4. Classic Audrey and her Dad
5. Ralph and Amelia a.k.a. World’s Best Father-Daughter Team, checking out No Banana’s. Amelia was the host of the evening, and she did a phenomenal job.
6-7.My family taking over Octopus, and watching PnC.
8. Family from both my Dad and my Mom’s side, I’m #blessed.


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