Miss Sturgis Falls


I have been #blessed the last two weeks. There have been so many wonderful people visiting Cedar Falls. Audrey’s friends, Trish and Josh, whom she met while living in Wyoming, stopped by on their cross country road trip. Audrey had so many great things to say about them, but I had no idea how fond of them I would be. We had many great conversations, rode bikes, grilled, ate burritos, and watched Dylan Sires and Neighbors play at Sturgis Falls.

Ah yes, Sturgis Falls. See my post (here) for more about what Sturgis Fall is. This year was, as it always is, a wonderful time. My family arrived in town from both California and Michigan on Thursday and Friday. I spent Friday evening with them, and thus was not in the park for the usual festivities. There is nothing better than the company of good family and friends.

One of the many amazing things about Sturgis Falls is lawnchairs. Yes, lawnchairs. People set up their lawn chairs hours before entertainment begins in the park. You can even set them up on the side of the road at 5:00 a.m. so you get the perfect spot to watch the parade. My Dad has been doing this for our family for years, and thus we always have the best seats. This year the Marine Band marched past, the official Budweiser Clydesdales, and my personal favorite, the Cedar Falls Marching Band (represent!).

Sunday was my only full day of Sturgis Falls, and it was nearly perfect (I missed out on a strawberry smoothie, and JR Donuts). First we visited the car show. Unfortunately, it had rained earlier that morning, so a few cars were missing, like my beloved Pontiac Safari. But it was still a stellar turnout, and the guys of the family were highly impressed. After the car show Petra and I rode a couple rides, and enjoyed some ribbon fries. Who is Petra you might ask? She is my cousin’s daughter. She is nine years old, which I think is the best age ever. At the end of their visit, Jen told her she should consider me her Aunt. So now she’s officially, unofficially, my niece. I’m thrilled.

This is just one bit of the amazing two weeks I’ve had. Be sure to check back to catch more of the fun. Did I mention I am down to ONE CLASS?! Yay! Then I can finally enjoy the spoils of all that summer vacation has to offer.


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