Des Moines Botanical Garden

To say I loved the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden would be an understatement. I basically skipped in. If you read my previous post, you know that the admission was free! I was so excited and ready to check out the garden I barely understood what she as saying. It had been raining pretty steadily all day, and the poor roof of the botanical garden was leaking everywhere. But that certainly didn’t stop us from having an excellent time. I really don’t have much to say along with this post, so here’s a ton of plant pictures.

The lilies, the orchids, the cactus. Ah-May-Zing. I would highly recommend the Des Moines Botanical Garden. I loved every part of it, inside and out. Next time we go we want to check out their cafe. Apparently they have a soup sampler! What a genius idea for all those who love soup. This has definitely put botanical gardens are my radar. I will be searching them out anytime we visit a new city!


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