Ipsy Bag Review

Ipsy is a personalized monthly make-up subscription bag. When you first sign-up for Ipsy you answer a series of questions from hair and eye color, to fashion, to this makeup vs. that hair product. You can retake this survey at any time during your subscription if your answers change (like hair color, or a suddenly obsession with lipstick). The website then generates a profile for you, and at this point you officially sign up to receive your Glam Bag.

The following month you will be charged $10, and every month after that until you cancel your subscription. Sometime around the middle of each month you will receive your Glam Bag in the mail!

So what makes Ipsy different than other cosmetic subscription bags? First and foremost, the cost. Ipsy is one of the least expensive subscription bags out there. Each month you get 5 products. You typically get at least one full size product in your bag, which is almost always equal to or greater than the cost of the bag. On average the bags are between a $40 and $60 value. AND each month’s products come in an actual useable bag.

Ipsy, like every other brand in the world, is very social media connected. Each month there are hashtags that you can use on whatever social media you like. By using the hashtags and tagging Ipsy, you are entered to win a cash prize. I always do this because, hello! free prizes, but also because sometimes brands will comment on your photos! It makes me feel famous.

Many subscription bags come with coupons or offers for the products in the bag. Ipsy’s offers are located on their website (how green of them). They publish new offers every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9:00am PT. There are often only a limited number so if you want it, get it! Additionally Ipsy offers a point system to earn rewards. You can review products, share your reviews, review your Glam Bag, share your Ipsy subscription, etc., to earn points. Those points can be used to add additional products to your bag.

Lastly, Ipsy has a YouTube channel where beauty gurus give tips, and tutorials. The products used in the videos can found in that month’s Glam Bag, or are products that Ipsy is currently offering a deal for on their website.

So that’s what Ipsy is. I would highly recommend it, especially if you’ve never tried a subscription service before. The products are always pretty diverse, and great quality. I also like that they are often from lesser known brands. It’s great way help expose smaller brands, and just because they may not be as popular does not mean they aren’t excellent products!

If you are interested signing up for Ipsy, please click HERE for my referral link!

Do you use a monthly subscription service? Leave a comment below with your favorites!

P.S. If you like a product be sure to check out the brand’s Instagram page. They often share a coupon code related to Ipsy around the time subscribers reiceve their bags!


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