Sweet Spring


In the last few weeks I have been slightly obsessed with plants. Everyday I’m deadheading petunias, cutting the ends of fresh flowers, and spritzing my succulents. I have anxiety about drunks damaging my tomato plants or traipsing through the peonies. While I haven’t named any of my plants, it seems like a reasonable thing to do.



In my last post I shared my 25 goals to complete before I turn 26. Without knowing what my goals were, or even seeing the post, that very afternoon my Mom stopped over to my house and put a bird feeder stand and bird feeder (which she made) in my backyard. How freakin’ weird is that? Mother-Daughter ESP, I tell yah. Thanks Mom! That night we stopped at CVS to complete my stand. She bought me this beautiful Estrella Voodoo Red Verbena plant. Best color name ever. Double thanks Mom!
The feeder is now full of seed, and well hidden from drunks, but perfectly seen out the dining room window.


I sprouted myself a tiny herb garden with parsley, basil, rosemary, and mint. I thought my mint was never going to grow, but it finally poked it’s little head out of the soil yesterday! Last week Sweet Marie let me take some full grown mint plants from her yard just in case mine never grew, which now have their own spot towards the front of the house. My friend Emily dropped off a baby dill plant on my doorstep, so now all the little babes are in pots outside and looking very healthy. Unfortunately, some stupid squirrels were digging in the pots, so I had to put chicken wire around them. It looks like crap. I think after a couple weeks when the plants have time to grow a bit more, I might replant them in a larger container, or right into the ground. Either way I am going to need to invest in more chicken wire so I can better protect them without it looking like a 6-year-olds handy work.





Inside I’ve been trying to always keep some fresh cut flowers. I love how they add a little something to each room. Makes me feel fancy. I have a small army of succulents as well. Turns out a plant I got for my birthday, pictured above, is this crazy awesome plant that grows baby succulents. As soon as I get it all sorted, I’m going to share a post about propagating both from this plant, and the more commonly known succulents.

Happy Weekend!


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