25 Years

This will probably be a fairly lengthy post. I’m going to recap my 24 before 25, write a 25 before 26, and share pictures from my birthday celebration. Let’s go!

24 Before 25

1. Not lose this list
2. Blog weekly
3. Get a 3.0 or higher at UNI 3.8 … That makes me feel like a freakin’ genius. I’m not, but I kicked ass at school for the first time ever. Just sayin’.
4. Go camping
5. Volunteer – I have 3 opportunities lined up already; College Hill Arts Festival, Sturgis Fall Car Show, College Hill Music Festival The music festival didn’t happen (as in, at all), but I did some other volunteer stuff here and there.
6. Eat 1 meal at home a week
7. Make a make-up station in our room Little did I know when I made this list I’d have an entire pink room all to my make-up.
8. Visit the Upper Peninsula
9. Attend the Galande Quaff in Jackson
10. Participate in Blog Life
11. Go to a baseball game
12. Go on a mother/daughter adventure – Minneapolis.. Ikea!
13. Make-over my blog
14. Purchase and use a disposable camera
15. Organize a clothing swap
16. Go to the botanical garden in Des Moines
17. Build a woodworking project
18. Read 10 books
19. Design a phone case collection
20. Craft more!
21. Work towards eating majority local
22. Do 1 random act of kindness a week
23. Take a dance class
24. Host trivia again

I’m not going to make excuses for not doing many of things on my previous goal list. The fact that I completed number one (I still have the orginial paper copy I wrote!), is an accomplishment enough. I hope the goals I have set for this year are a little more achievable, but I guess we shall see!

25 Before 26

1. Create blog content that I am proud of, and feel less guilty about how often I post.
2. Maintain my current GPA.
3. Appreciate Iowa through travel.
4. Go on a mother/daughter adventure – Chicago: Holocaust Museum and IKEA
5. Build a professional portfolio.
6. Propagate an excessive amount of succulents and give them away to friends!
7. Grow an herb garden from seedlings.
8. Finish the beauty room: hang pictures, cover pillows, etc.
9. 30 days of biking
10. Put a bird feeder in the yard.
11. Paint the front door red.
12. Complete a month of yoga challenge.
13. Get in the habit of meal planning, and grocery shopping once weekly.
14. Be more patient.
15. Finish at least one internship.
16. Update and re-design my resume.
17. Mail birthday cards often.
18. Host a themed party each season.
19. Wear my glasses (and maybe get new ones).
20. Clean out my closet, and stop hoarding clothes that I never wear.
21. Be kind, caring, and more available especially to those who need me.
22. Have a girls night at least once a month (sorry Jess and Becca, I guess you have to do this too).
23. Look at events in life with a best-case instead of worst-case interpretation. Or just ask. (goal inspired by this article)
24. Make at least 5 of these crafts
25. Drum Roll Please….. Lose 30 pounds! The loftiest (but totally achievable) goal on the list!

I had a perfect birthday. Audrey and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Maid-Rite, and then made a quick stop at the farmers market for fresh veggies and wine. I spent the afternoon with my parents. My mom and I took a nice little walk to the post office, and then they gave me several wonderful gifts. I enjoyed dinner and tons of laughs with my closest friends, who also showered me with gifts. We did some pre-dancing dancing at my house, and then made our way to the Octopus for an evening of dancing with Gloom Balloon. They are by far one of my favorite Iowa bands. With each show, a series of videos accompanies each song. This time around, my lovely girlfriend appeared on the screen, wishing me a happy birthday. The entire bar then sang me happy birthday, as Audrey presented me with a birthday cake. We spent the rest of the evening dancing the night away. There was even a parachute, like the kind from elementary gym class, involved.


There are no words to express how lucky I am. 24 wasn’t perfect, and I’m sure 25 won’t be either. But I wouldn’t change a thing, because today I am happy. I am proud of who I am, who I surround myself with, and all that I have accomplished. I can’t thank the people who made my birthday, and everyday, special. So here’s to 25! Cheers!


5 thoughts on “25 Years

  1. […] I think now that I can ride my bike again, if I can just avoid emotional eating, I will kick my 25 Before 26 goal, no problem. But, for more immediate results, I went to see my dear friend Jac at the salon […]


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