Guest Room/Beauty Room Inspiration


Our wonderful roommate Graham has moved into our basement, meaning I get my beauty room/our guest room back! Over spring break my Mom and I are going to paint and totally redecorate it. I’ve been trying not to scheme too much because I know how my crazy decorating mode drives everyone around me bonkers.


We are getting a bed frame from Audrey’s Mom’s house that her Grandpa built. I’m slightly concerned the frame is going to be a little large for the room, so I have decided to paint the walls a lighter color (I was originally thinking dark purple). I love the color of light purple/pink couch, or those pale blue walls. Is it okay if three of the four rooms we’ve painted are blue? They aren’t even close to the same shades. I’m saying it’s okay. Blue is calming.


I am toying with the idea of painting just the lower half a color. This is exactly the colors of our bathroom, so not this color combination. I think painting it almost half and half would make the room feel bigger. Either that, or it would make it feel like a nursery…


I have a couple prints I want to hang in this room, and I’d love to make a display box for my nail polish. There isn’t a lot of wall space as there are three windows, and the room is fairly small, but I think I could make it work.


I love this circle mirror. Lucky for me, a friend gave me one last year!!! I also have a large floor length mirror in the room right now. The floor length mirror might have to go (major bummer, but I would still hang on to it for future use). As I said there just isn’t a lot of space. Our bedroom is a dormer, with angled walls, otherwise I would put the big mirror in our room.

I will be sure to keep you posted on all the guest room progress. I hope to post my “winter favorites” this weekend! So keep an eye out for both of those!



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