Where I’ve Been










Between school, work, school, my social life, and school, I’ve had almost no motivation to blog. I was blogging here for two of my classes, but have since realized the crazy amount of writing/posting I would be doing, and thus decided to move that to a separate blog, here . For 21 days in January/February I tried Whole30. I gave it a pretty good shot, succeeding in not eating what you weren’t supposed to, but I also just kind of stopped eating.. So that didn’t work out so well. I did however walk away with some new insight on making some of my favorite foods more healthy, and a few less pounds which I have kept off (mostly). My life has basically consisted of school work. I think, after a month, I have finally gotten the hang of the grind. I am ready to focus again on the things that make me most happy again .. My blog, and the stuff I blog about (duh)! So, welcome back, and please keep coming back because I promise I will now be posting regularly again!

1. Max and Sally sharing the bathtub faucet. Mornings at the watering hole are the best.
2. A painting by Claire Stigliani – I am the luckiest human being on earth. Marie, who I have mentioned on my blog several times (my Mom’s bff/neighbor), has the most talented kid(s). Her daughter, Claire, is an amazing artist (check out her website!). This is a piece of her’s called Days We Lie Around Eating Cake & Chocolate, from 2010. It the the actual professionally framed piece from her collection. I have admired it since the day Maria hung it on her wall. Claire is probably my favorite artist. I have several more of her prints, which I will be hanging in our spare bedroom, but this baby had to go in the living room. I can’t believe it’s in MY living room. Shut. Up. Thank you forever to Marie.
3. French Toast Crunch is back!
4-5. The cheese-y-est grilled cheese I’ve ever made. Both Audrey and Graham said it was one of the best they’d ever had.
6. Little Sally the (sometimes) lap cat
7. Makeup brushes that need a bath.
8. A homemade heart shaped pizza — andouille sausage, bacon, onions, Brussels sprouts, feta, mozzarella, and probably other stuff because why not.
9. I am addicted to playing rummy thanks to this shark.


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