Christmas St. Vincent Haul


Small Business Saturday was this past weekend. While I am a frequent shopper of many small businesses, I still feel the need to go out and say “I’m shopping on Small Business Saturday!” Audrey, Graham, and I went downtown Cedar Falls to check out a few of my favorite stores, and of course, have some Pablo’s for lunch.


We started at St. Vincent, which is where I made all my purchases on this day. We really needed (yes, really needed) stockings for everyone in our house. The only stocking I already had was a stocking for my cats. Yeah, so I’m a crazy cat lady and a crazy Christmas lady. Which stocking is going to belong to which person is yet to be determined. I do want to make pom-poms to put on all of them, and maybe puffy paint everyone’s name on them, that way they all look a little uniform. Also we are still short 1 stocking, so I might have to buy myself a monogrammed knit one from Target.



I also picked up this cute little red-headed nutcracker to add to my collection. All of the ones I had previously were inherited from my Mom. I’m not sure that any of them have any special stories behind them. We don’t have a lot of space to display all of my collections, but that’s not going to stop me from collecting them.


Normally, the pillows on our couch are purple and lime green, so for the holidays I’ve been using this technique to add to my decor. I picked up this fabric, and in less than 5 minutes, I had a festive Christmas pillow! It’s certainly not a new idea, but I have recently realized how freakin’ cheap and easy it is. If you’re curious, the fur throw is from Ikea.


That’s it for my Christmas finds. I picked up a few more things, but I will post those in my Weekend Wrap-Up tomorrow. Also I will be posting my November favorites, and I’ve started Vlogmas! I’m not sure how Vlogmas will go, as already my whole day was spent sat at this computer, but I’m going to try! So check back tomorrow for my first video!

Happy Monday!

Sweet Hannah Pea


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