I Feel Itchy

That’s quite possible the worst title for a post ever. But, I do. I was sitting in class yesterday, and my stomach got a bit itchy. When I got to lunch I had these little bug bite looking marks all over me. Well by the time 2:30 hit, my stomach and back were covered in hives. I ended up in urgent care, and had to get 2 shots in butt. Audrey bought me a ton of candy and taco bell to help me feel better, which of course I did. The Benadryl really knocked me out though, so no blogging yesterday. My hives came back, in less force, today. But I went to the doctor again. They have no clue what’s wrong with me, and neither do I.

Anyway! I have a bunch of fun ideas for post for the remainder of the month, and December, so these ear infections, hives, etc, better hit the road! Last week was absolutely crazy! There was something going on almost every single night. So instead of a weekend wrap-up, I’m going to just share some photos from the week, and in a few separate posts I will share lots of live music photos!









1. My friend Carol dropped off this little gift for Audrey and I. She is just so darn sweet. Clearly she knows the way to my heart, solar dancers!
2. Audrey and Graham cooking dinner. I love our little family.
3. My first crab cake! I had never had a crab cake before, and I don’t particularly like food of the sea, so Graham made me a little tiny one. I tried to eat a normal size one, but I think mini crab cakes are the best choice for me.
4. Prior to the hives I was having terrible dry skin, especially on my scalp. My friends Allison and Dara gave me a few suggestions. So far everything is really helping. My scalp feels so much better. I haven’t used dry shampoo since last Wednesday, and while I’m a total grease ball, it’s worth it. And, with the exception of the hives, the skin behind my legs hasn’t itched at all. My tattoos are also looking less ashy!
5. Thursday my friend Terri sponsored a table for us at the annual Children and Family Counsel trivia game fundraiser. Sommer came with me, and we shared a table with some of my old West High staff friends.
6. Our awesome team got 2nd!
7. We had our first pretty snow on Saturday. I hate snow. But even I can’t deny that those big fluffy flakes, and no wind is really pretty.
8. Audrey and I love playing King’s Corner. Have you ever played?

Well that’s all I have for tonight! I will be back soon with all the pictures of live music I took last week. Audrey played 4 shows!

Sweet Hannah Pea


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