Weekend Wrap-Up: Audrey’s Birthday


The big birthday weekend finally arrived! Friday night I hung out at home eating pizza and watching a million YouTube videos. Saturday morning I interviewed my wondeful cousin, Jenna. She told me all about her job, and what it’s like working in marketing. I loved catching up with, and getting a first hand account of what I might be doing someday. I can’t wait to learn more from her!


I spent all afternoon Saturday making treats. If Peas and Carrot were sponsored by a beer, it would be Highlife. So I made Highlife cupcakes with maple bacon Highlife frosting. I also turned her favorite sandwich, the BLT, into a cake. I baked bread, and cooked 2 pounds of bacon. I topped the ‘cake’ with a garlic ailoi. While things were cooling I practiced a bit of my make-up for Halloween. I can’t wait to show you the whole thing next week!


Peas and Carrot released Big Girl Shoes. Click here to listen! The night was perfect! All of the bands were awesome, a bunch of friends were there, and so many people bought their new EP. I couldn’t be more proud!


Sunday I got in a bunch of snugglin’ with the birthday girl. We ate way too much food, spent time with family and friends, watched our current favorite show Ghost Adventures, and got a giant bag of candy! Audrey says she had a great birthday.



And look at that! ^^ My very fist press release!! This blog is kind of a like a scrapbook so I had to make sure I saved it someplace. This week should be pretty low key, mostly just homework, and getting ready for the party this weekend!

Have a wonderful week,
Sweet Hannah Pea


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