Sick Days

Not this past Friday, but the Friday before that, Jessica, Becca, and I went to Becca’s house to watch scary movies, carve pumpkins, and maybe practice our zombie makeup for the zombie walk. After we carved our pumpkins and watched Carrie, I was snuggling with that guinea pig, Chicken Nugget, when he took a giant wee all over my pants. I thought he was just happy to be snuggling, making his cute little guinea pig noises. Nope, he was warning me he couldn’t hold it any longer, and then there I was with pee covered pants. It was pretty funny. But that meant no zombie makeup practice.

Chicken Nugget - Sweet Hannah Pea
Jessica Pumpkin Seeds - Sweet Hannah Pea
Pumpkin - Sweet Hannah Pea
Hot Chocolate - Sweet Hannah Pea

After I got home and cleaned up, I decided to enjoy some hot chocolate, and wait for Audrey to finish her closing shift at the bar. After a couple of hours, I started to feel really warm, and weak. And that’s when it began.. I went right to bed, and woke up the next day not feeling much better. I have this problem, especially when I’m sick, where I just can’t stay home. I suck at it. So I risked the undead lives and went to the Octopus to see everyone all zombified. I was only out about half an hour, when I realized I really needed to be on the couch.

Pizza - Sweet Hannah Pea
Zombie Walk - Sweet Hannah Pea
Zombie Walk 2  - Sweet Hannah Pea

I went to the doctor on Monday and was prescribed a 5 day antibiotic. The last day of the antibiotic my ear was KILLIN’ ME! So, being the daughter of a teacher of the hearing impaired, I was back to the doctor Friday afternoon. Sure enough, ear infection. Now I’m on a 10 day antibiotic. Thankfully I felt a little better the very next day, so I was able to enjoy myself this past weekend.

Sally - Sweet Hannah Pea

Saturday morning Audrey and I had some tasty breakfast burritos from La Calle. I spent a good portion of the afternoon making myself look pretty. Audrey says I look like this all the time.. HA! Audrey, Walter, and Graham played some Peas and Carrot songs as California Medley (LOL) at their friend’s wedding. I got to be their plus one, and had a great time. After the reception Audrey and I went out on The Hill, just the two of us. I’m not actually sure we’ve ever really done that. We had so much fun spending some time alone together!

FullSizeRender (1)

On Sunday our local Historical Society hosted their annual cemetery walk. Volunteers learn the history of local dead folks, and then you walk from grave to grave learning a bit about each featured person. It was very informative, although I wish it had been a little more thrilling. I guess there have not been many unsolved mystery victims, or convicted murders, buried at Fairview Cemetery. My Mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. It was a fairly relaxing Sunday, that ended with hollandaise sauce, because Audrey is amazing.


The last two weeks have been crazy. Yesterday was the official midterm, hooray! I’m fairly happy with how my classes are going. I’m an account coordinator on a pretty big group project in my PR class that I’m really excited about. On Saturday I am interviewing my awesome cousin, Jenna, for another big project in a different class. Other than Econ, this semester has been really good to me. I schedule for next semester in November, and I’m hoping for no 8:00 am classes.

This weekend is going to be a blast and half! Peas and Carrot releases their EP, Big Girl Shoes, on Saturday, and Audrey’s birthday is Sunday. If you are a local reader, I hope to see you at Octopus for the show!!


Have a happy weekend!
Sweet Hannah Pea


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