Weekend Wrap-Up: Leaves and Stuff

You might notice a change in the quality of my photos. I was putting so much pressure on myself to have good pictures, as in.. lighting, content, etc. that even though I wanted to blog more, I wasn’t. Yesterday Audrey and I were talking about her birthday, and I had to ask what I did for my birthday this year. I’m sure if I had thought about it for more than 5 seconds I would have remembered what a wonderful week I had, but I just have so much in my brain it’s hard for me to remember things. Well, that just proved to me I really need to blog as often as I can so I don’t forget all the wonderful things that I do!


I ended up catching the bug that had infected Audrey last weekend, so I was feeling pretty run down throughout the week. I stayed home from school on Thursday. Friday I was supposed to go to this awesome E-Media/PR workshop the University was offering, but I couldn’t stop hacking. I didn’t think coughing up a lung while prominent professionals give over hour long presentations, and looking a bit clammy and gross, was the best idea, so I ended up staying home.


On Friday afternoon I was starting to feel a bit better, and was OVER sitting on the couch, so I cleaned out my closet. The skater dress is a vintage piece I bought, sometime.. I’m not actually sure I’ve ever worn it. The little red jersey dress with the peter pan collar is from my sweet friend, Becca. It was too big for her so she gave it to me. A reason to be happy I’m an XL! I found several other gems in my closet that I am looking forward to pairing with leggings and sporting all winter long. The best part about cleaning my closet out though.. all of my hangers are now white. Yep. Shout out to anyone reading this that color organizes their closet and knows how exciting it is to have all one color hangers!


Audrey took me to the Olive Garden for lunch/dinner. Despite Olive Garden being an Americanized version of Italian food.. Who can say no spaghetti and chicken parm!? And endless salad and bread sticks!? yum, yum! I also always love a little date with my lady, she is the absolute best.


On Saturday morning I woke up and made myself some breakfast. Thursday when I was sick Audrey made me purple potato soup and cheddar bacon scones. I had half a scone with my breakfast, and then headed outside to do some yard work. I was feeling a lot better, and thought some fresh air and exercise might really help, it did!


The yard had not been tended too in .. a long while (not my responsibility.. cough Audrey cough Walter cough). We have a monstrous walnut tree so I spend 2 hours raking all the walnuts and leaves into manageable piles.

That night I went over to Becca’s house for some girly time with her and Jessica. They are so much fun! We started making plans for Halloween. Last year we all got together before going out, so we decided to do that again this year, only at my house. It’s going to be one big babe party, complete with candy corn jell-o shots, and I’m probably going to invent some sort of ridiculous Halloween game. I can’t wait! I also got to hang out with my two favorite guinea pigs, Kuro and Chicken Nugget (Tibbers is CN’s real name, but he looks like a giant chicken nugget, so..).


On Sunday morning I went to breakfast with Audrey and Walter. I am officially obsessed with hot chocolate. It’s just the best cold weather drink, second to apple cider and rum though… That afternoon my Dad dropped off the wheelbarrow and I started raking up my leaf piles and moving them to our soon to be compost pile down by our creek. However, I gave up after 2 hours though, so there are still some piles to be moved. Oops.


I ended my Sunday eating left over soup and watching The Good Wife. In maybe 2 weeks I’ve gotten through 4 seasons. It’s safe to say I’m addicted.

Here I am at the end of this blog wondering if that is really all I did on Sunday. How sad it that!? Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day. I had class, then work, then class, then I met with some of the Sturgis Falls Board at Far Reach. They built our website, and help us with other marketing stuff. I stuck around after everyone left to ask a few questions, and I am really looking forward to working more closely with them. THEN I had a group meeting to work on a project for PR. So by then I was obviously ready for a little fun. We headed over to The Broken Record for pizza and drinks. Despite the crazy day, I was in bed by 10:30. Priorities!


Today has been a very roller coaster day and I might as well be honest about it. I started my day off in my News Reporting/Research Methods class getting a quiz back, got a B+! Hey, great job self! Then I got to my PR class and got another quiz back, it was an A! My first A in very very long time. And then I went to Econ.. dreaded Econ. I suck at math, and math concepts, and money, and just generally things not related to being creative and talkative.. I got my 1st exam back with a big on D on it. There were some tears shed when I got to lunch with Audrey. But you know what, it’s fine! It’s one test. I can get a tutor, and my stellar grades in my other classes will totally make up for it. As much as I’d really LOVE to be a straight A student, it might just not be in the cards for me. And you know what, past Hannah and all future college students who probably aren’t reading this, THAT’S OKAY! If you try your best, put yourself out there, and stay positive, everything will be fiiine!

Alright so that’s the end of my motivational speech for today. I’m going to pick apples after work, and Audrey and I bought ravioli for dinner!

Have a wonderful week,
Sweet Hannah Pea


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