Weekend Wrap-Up: UNI Homecoming


The weekend has come and gone, and I am so happy to be sharing another Weekend Wrap-Up with you! After work on Friday I headed out to UPS to pick up my new iPhone 6. I spent much of my evening activating it, downloading all of my favorite apps, and just generally gushing over it’s rose gold-ness. As you might have noticed from the title, it was Homecoming weekend. While it was the perfect weekend to practice using my new camera (all my pictures are exclusively taken with my phone) Audrey and I live just a few blocks from ‘the main drag’, The Hill, where all the bars and party goers go to .. well, party. It certainly added to the excitement of my weekend.


Audrey told me right off the bat, either you come with me to work and be stuck there all night, or you’re stuck here all night. I chose to stay home. My Mom came over early in the evening to hang our new shades in our living room that she so generously gifted us, and she brought me a bunch of new clothes. — Just a little humble brag; my Mom has been so extremely generous, loving, and supportive, not only my whole life, but especially these last few months. I have been going through quite the life change, certainly for the better, but I couldn’t do it without her. Thanks for everything Mom! I love you times a billion million! —

While I knew Audrey was right that it was going to be a bit dangerous out, it wasn’t until about 9:30, when my Mom left, that I realized just how crazy it was. I started to hear voices outside, which really isn’t odd, but they were much louder, and just weren’t going away. Of course, me being me, I was watching The Good Wife, and it’s an episode with murder, so I started getting anxious. I turned off all the lights and just peaked out the window. The streets were lined with cars, and there were people everywhere! Until about 12:30, I would guess, there were about 30 people standing on the sidewalk, or walking by.. constantly. At one point there had to be at least 100 people standing on our corner. We live in a residential neighborhood, and the place these people where headed to is at least 4 blocks away. It was pretty unnerving seeing so many drunk people walking and driving by.

I headed up to my bedroom to try and calm myself down. I watched out our top floor window for a while and realized there bike cops patrolling by every few minutes. I even saw them arrest a couple guys that had stolen some shoes from somewhere. I eventually relaxed and was able to fall asleep.


On Saturday morning Audrey had to be at work bright and early. Our friend from Chicago, Conor, was visiting, so the two of us went to La Calle to get breakfast burritos and joined Audrey at work to eat. Around 11 I headed over to the shop I get tattooed at to catch the parade. It was the first time in couple years there was a parade so it was a pretty exciting event.


After the parade I hung out with my friend BJ. We walked over to checkout the tailgating scene. I hadn’t been to a tailgate since I was a freshmen at Iowa State. I’ve actually never tailgated, just walked through the crowd, so I might have to do that sometime while I’m still a panther. We then walked to his house so I could meet his roommate’s puppy, Ryder. Holy adorable.


Audrey and I got in a few hours of relaxing and then we headed back up to Octopus for the show. John June Year, The Olympics, and Noe Clu played. The picture below is of The Olympics, a band from Iowa City. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them. The show was especially nice because because it really made a difference in the number of excessively drunk folk.


On Sunday Peas and Carrot started recording their first EP. I couldn’t be more excited for them. The release show will be October 25th at Octopus, it’s also the day before Audrey’s birthday! Sunday was also a co-ed baby shower for my friends Jac and Mitch. It was nice to see not only them, but several other friends. As usual, I couldn’t help but snap a couple pictures of Eisley. At first she was not having it, but her Dad got this perfect smile out of her. Thanks Dad!


I hope everyone has a great week. I will be back sometime this week to share a bunch of exciting news!



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