Our First Vacation: Michigan Pt. 2


I can’t believe how much time has passed since our vacation. Our summer vacation! Fall starts next week. Whoa. I guess I had better post more the rest of the details of our trip I forget them.

On Tuesday.. of the week we got there.. which was sometime in August.. We drove up to Copper Harbor. Copper Harbor is the most northern part of the Upper Peninsula. You still can’t see Canada. Not even with binoculars. We left late in the morning and took Highway 41. Interesting fact about 41, it goes all the way from Copper Harbor to Miami! Not the fastest route though, if you were considering taking it. 41 in the UP is beautiful. There is a point in the drive when the trees actually curve above the road creating the most beautiful green tunnel. The sun was shining through and all the leaves were glowing, it was magical.


When we finally arrived in the Copper Harbor we headed straight up Brockway Mountain. At it’s highest it’s about 1,300 feet above sea level. While Audrey has been up much higher mountains as she lived in Wyoming for 2 years and did a bunch of hiking.. summit-ting.. mountain stuff.. and I have been up one other mountain that was a lot higher, the view was still so breath-taking and beautiful. We decided to drive down the back of the mountain, which we were kind of regretting because it was taking much longer than we had thought, and we were missing much of a coastal view, but then.. WE SAW A BABY BEAR! Yep. A baby bear. It just came barreling down the mountain, crossed the road, and headed back into the woods. It was there and gone in a flash, but we still saw it and it was still awesome. We were smart enough to just keep driving in case it’s much more gigantic and not-so-adorable-could-totally-kill-us, mother, was behind it.


We arrived in Eagle Harbor around lunch, and grabbed a bite at The Eagle Harbor Inn. We planned the rest of our day and headed back north up highway 26, which stays right along the water. Our first stop was Silver River Falls. At the top of the falls there is a sandstone bridge, and then you can follow a small path all the way down to the bottom.


I’m not going to lie.. this is one of like 30 pictures I made Audrey take. Every winter I tell myself I’m going to make this grand scrapbook of my life, and of course you need plenty of couple-y pictures to fill it with!

afterlight (1)

We continued our drive up 26, and along the way we stopped at every little lookout and park we could. The water is crystal clear, and a beautiful blue color. It looks like you’re in the Caribbean, but Audrey found out first hand that looks can be deceiving. We visited The Devils Washtub, which is a sort of cave/hole in the side of the cliffs where water rushes in, splashes out, and makes this big swirling… washtub. But the water was perfectly calm, which doesn’t happen often, so the washtub was not too exciting, hence why my description of it is awful.

afterlight (1)

We eventually made our way back to Copper Harbor, hoping we could grab a drink at one of my Dad’s favorite spots, The Harbor Haus. Unfortunately it was closed, so we just headed back down 26. I was a little down that we might have missed a few spots and then we saw a parking lot full of cars and a people standing outside with white paper bags. It was The Jampot, a place I had on my list of must-see’s! Catholic Monks run this adorable little shop that sells jams, fruitcakes, and other sweet treats, all made with local ingredients. It was packed! But the raspberry jam was worth it.


Just past The Jampot is Eagle River. My cousin’s Grandparents had a summer house here that we would often visit when I was a little kid (their house is the yellow one second closest to the end). I have many fond memories of building sandcastles and hanging out on a giant whale raft here. The picture above is the river, and if you turn around, your view is the picture below. Audrey really wanted to go swimming in the “the big lake,” as we call it. As I mentioned before, despite it’s Caribbean blue color, Lake Superior was only 30 some degrees. So.. FREEZING. Audrey was just bobbin’ along hanging out in it. I kept running in and saying “okay, we are swimming in Lake Superior!” and then running back to shore. She came out of the water slightly blue, but she loved it, and that’s all that matters.


At the end of the day we still went swimming at my Aunt and Uncle’s, had ourselves a frozen pizza, and called it an early night. I will be back again soon, hopefully, with the last day of vacation. My iPhone 6 is waiting for me at UPS, and it’s homecoming weekend. Know what that means? Monday will be the return of the Weekend Wrap-Up!

Happy Homecoming to all my UNI friends!


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