First Day Of School

first day of schoolToday was my first day at the University of Northern Iowa, college number 4, attempt number 5.. er 6? This time around I am majoring in Public Relations, and minoring in Marketing. I started my day off in Organizational Communications, also known as the study of groups, teams, etc. My professor seems really positive and excited to teach this class in particular. My next class was Mass Communication. I have a professor who has come highly recommended by everyone that has ever had her, and even those who haven’t. It was pretty awesome to only have 2 hours of ‘work’ today. I didn’t have to be awake at 6:00am, and I was home by 1 o’clock eating a pudding cup, and writing this post. Between classes Audrey and I had lunch, and last night she even bought me clippers so I could have a fresh cut for my first day of school! Next week I start my job on campus, so while my afternoons won’t be quite as relaxing, I still don’t have to be up at 6:00am!

I’ve got an awesome group of supportive family and friends who deserve a huge thank you, especially my Mom, Dad, and Audrey. It’s only the first day and I know my people are truly what will help me do my best these next 2 years.

If today was your first day of school too, I hope you had a great one!
Happy Monday,
Sweet Hannah Pea


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