Our First Vacation: Michigan Pt. 1


Audrey and I have gone on a couple weekend trips since we’ve been dating, though we haven’t gone too far from home. Our trip to Michigan was our first ‘real’ vacation. We left on Saturday evening when Audrey got off work, stayed in a little motel in Wisconsin, and arrived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on Sunday. We spent the next 3 days swimming, hiking, and just enjoying each other’s company. To get all the details and see a bunch of pictures click the link below!

image (1)

I made sure to stock the cooler full of snacks before we left. The Upper Peninsula is a 9 hour drive, and while we weren’t making it in one day, we were driving during multiple meals, and didn’t want to stop just to grab fast food. I made sure to pack Audrey a couple avocados, they are her favorite. Needless to say they are an interesting car food when you don’t slice them up before you hit the road. We also got a pizza right before we left, which we have decided is a new tradition if we ever leave for vacation in the evening. I love road trip traditions. When we got to Wisconsin, WPR was playing 1940’s radio shows, one staring Frank Sinatra. I had never really listened to old radio shows. I will be downloading a few for our next long car, ride as both really enjoyed listening to them. We stayed in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin at the Point Motel. It really wasn’t too sketchy, and reasonable priced.

image (2)
image (3)
Yes, that’s really their school mascot.
image (4)
image (5)
image (7)
image (10)image (6)

We arrived at my Uncle John’s house in the early evening. We wasted no time jumping right in the water. They live on Portage Lake, which is water straight from Lake Superior. However, it’s MUCH warmer, making it a lot more fun to swim in. My Uncle cooked us a simple meal for dinner, and we enjoyed the sunset from their porch. That evening Audrey and I ventured to the very tiny town of Gay. The name of the bar in Gay is… The Gay Bar. Audrey and I took pictures in front of the sign, grabbed a couple drinks, and played some pool.

image (11)
image (12)image (8)

On Monday I took Audrey to the beach I spent many a sunny afternoon, and sometimes not so sunny, on during my childhood. This beach is right on Lake Superior! We collected a bunch of rocks, and I made Audrey pose with some rocks that I wrote her name on in charcoal. My Mom used to take my picture like this every summer, so I just had to take one of her. Lake Superior is mind-blowingly (is that word?) clear.. it really blows my mind every time I see it, and I’ve seen it almost every summer for over 20 years. After an hour or so there, we headed up the beach to McClain’s State Park. We had planned to walk the breakwater, and check out the light house at the end. We accidentally parked WAY far away from the light house, but Audrey said we could walk it, so we did. The break wall is first made of concrete, but is then giant rocks stacked in a row. Not like I didn’t already know this, but we opted to not venture out to the light house, as my very smart self wore flip flops. Next time!

image (13)image (14)
image (15)
image (16)
image (17)
image (18)
image (19)

After our shoreline adventure we grabbed a bite to eat at The Michigan House. Interesting fact about this bar for all my beer drinking friends, it was the first place my Dad drank a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, almost 10 years ago! We of course went back to my Aunt and Uncle’s for a swim later that afternoon. We collected a whole damn clam family! Which we prompty put back in the water, and then watched them move a few inches every day we were there. That night my Uncle John taught Audrey to cook an authentic Italian meal. It was so special to see him sharing our family recipes with her. They are no secret, but knowing that I will be able to eat this meal for the rest of my life, and share it with others, was so exciting.

image (20)
image (21)image (9)

That’s it for today. We have finished painting at our new house, for now. The living and dining room have fresh coats of paint, which I think will satisfy my painting urges for quite some time. Today I went garage saling with my Mom and her friends, Carol and Tim. They are a great couple, and I have loved the last 2 weekends saling with them. I picked up a BEAUTIFUL latch hook rug for our house. We haven’t decided where to put it, but I will be sure to share a picture once it has a home. I will finally be moving much of my stuff in tomorrow. Poor Audrey has just been swamped with work and really hasn’t had any time to move. I did get a chance to bring our cats over, so that in itself makes it feel so much more like home. Hopefully Monday we can pack (yes, you read that right, we haven’t even packed) and move our things from where we were last living. Much of my stuff is in storage at my Aunt’s, which is what we will be moving tomorrow. Today I shoved couches around the living room, which like everything I do in this house, makes me even more excited to be here!

Happy Saturday!
Sweet Hannah Pea


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