Weekend Wrap-Up: Beach Babes

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I can’t believe how fast July has come and now almost gone! Audrey was busy working all day on Friday. After getting a few things done at home, I picked up Liberty and we headed down to the beach. I was beyond thrilled to finally hang out on a beach! We hunted for shells, found a little crawdaddy, and enjoyed the slightly overcast afternoon. I was on the hunt for a full mussel shell, which Liberty found! Check it out after the jump!

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After the beach we headed downtown Cedar Falls for a couple drinks and some pool. It was a fun little Friday, and I can’t wait to spend more time with Liberty. On Saturday I mowed my parents lawn, and then hung out with my Dad. We epoxied the spine of the mussel shell so it won’t easily break apart. I think I’m going to put it in our new bathroom; sea theme! That evening Peas and Carrot played a show at The Broken Record downtown Waterloo. Before the show we went on a little walk down by the river. I ended up with a headache so I didn’t take many pictures at the show.

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On Sunday Audrey and I got tattooed. She’s filling up her left arm now. Just a couple little more bangers, and she will have a full sleeve! My first tattoo ever was a circle. I was 18, nervous as heck, and I let the artist basically walk all over me. I wanted a plain black circle, and he made me feel like it was just about the worst, most lame, idea he’d ever heard of. He convinced me to get it in a color, and of course I chose pink. It ended up looking a bit like ring worm, and I eventually had it covered up. So on Sunday, I got my plain black circle, on the other wrist of course. Both of them are a little scabby right now. My circle will look pretty darn close to perfect once it is all healed. After our tattoos we split nachos and wings with my Dad, and he told us a bunch of his infamous stories. That night we went for a quick bike ride to grab some groceries, and then Audrey grilled up some dinner. I picked a bunch of raspberries while she grilled. This morning I made a raspberry coffee cake (kind of). We ended our weekend watching the third Lord of the Rings. Another great weekend!

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I will be back later this week with.. something. I guess I should figure that out, huh?

Sweet Hannah Pea


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