Weekend Wrap-Up: Des Moines with Peas and Carrot

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Another great weekend! How am I so lucky to have all this fun?! On Friday night I went to BBQLoo with The Hoeckers. Maranda and I decided to eat as much as physically possible. We had pulled pork, brisket, smoked corn, ribbon fries, and funnel cake. I tried to stop by tropical night at Octopus but I was just so freakin’ full I could only handle one, very blue and tropical ‘Pool Water’ drink, and then I had to go home. On Saturday Jessica and I went to Eisley’s first birthday party. I got her a picnic table, which she seemed to like! It was great to catch up with Eisley’s Mom, Nicole, and a few other pals I hadn’t seen in a while. After we left I felt so old.. I was ‘catching up’ with ‘old pals’ at a little kids birthday party. I can remember when I was little my parents would sometimes have a ‘kids party’ and then an ‘adults party’ for my birthday, and now I’m going to the adults party. What the heck.

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After Eisley’s party I headed down to Des Moines with Peas and Carrot. We met up with Audrey’s Dad and Step-Mom, as well as one of my very best friends, Anna. After dinner at MALO, we headed over to Stormy’s in Urbandale where PnC was playing that night. While the show was small, they played great! I always love being able to catch up with Anna, and it was great to see Jim and Ines again. Ines is probably one of the sweetest, and most fun people I have every met. Needless to say she got us pretty liquored up! We took a bunch of pictures with the new Party! Party! app, danced, ordered pizza, and ended the evening a very happy bunch!

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On Sunday the four of us checked out of our hotel and headed downtown Des Moines. We went to Buzzard Billy’s for lunch, and then decided to take a little walk around downtown as it was a beautiful day. We ended up at Barcadium, a bar and arcade. It was free play Sunday so I think all together we probably played every game. Audrey set the high score on the arm wrestling game, like a boss. After we headed over to the science museum. We dropped eggs wrapped in foam from very high heights, we saw lots of animals, and there was a giant high dryer. Audrey had been wanting to take me there for a while so that was probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. No weekend in Des Moines in complete without stopping by El Bait Shop for bacon wrapped little smokies!

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Like I said, another great weekend! Things are starting to come together over at our new house. They tested for radon this weekend and we were way below the level needed for mitigation. Last week Audrey and I bought a brand new queen size mattress with our change jar!! We had only been saving since April! Of course Audrey being a bartender does help with the number of quarters, but I officially think everyone should save all their change to buy themselves presents, because it was the best feeling. We have already started over and can’t wait to see what we can buy next time. Yesterday we bought an almost new couch and love seat, not with change however, but we did get a great deal. I am getting more and more excited by the day to move in. I can’t wait to share all of the updates, DIY’s, and overall fun that happens in our new house with you!


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