Over the last couple years my Dad has found a new passion in life, sailing. He had never sailed before (he always says ‘If you’d had told me 30 years ago I’d be doing this, I NEVER would have believed you!’), and after meeting a couple sailors, decided to try it for himself. My Dad being Dad, of course decided to build his own boat. After learning to sail that boat, and then updating a kayak he’d previously built into a sailing kayak, he decided to purchase a bit larger sailboat. The Potter is a 15 foot boat with 2 sails. After naming 2 boats after my Mom, this boat has my name on it! Soon a new decal will be put on that spans the width of the back of the boat, and says “Sweet Hannah Pea” but for now “Hannah Pea” is still amazing. I was beyond thrilled when he told me, and it was even cooler seeing my name on that beautiful sailboat for the first time.

image (1)
image (2)

A week ago today my Dad, his friend Roger, and myself, drove to Clear Lake, Iowa. It is a beautiful town with about a 3 mile long lake in the middle of it. Roger played a huge role in teaching my Dad to sail, and his boat was the first sailboat I ever rode in. Once we arrived in Clear Lake my Dad taught me the basics of setting up his boat, and then we were off. Of course it wouldn’t be a Father-Daughter day without some sort of crazy mishaps, and I did almost fall out of the boat once, but overall it was an awesome success. There is about a gazillion things to learn when it comes to sailing, and I can’t wait to get back in the boat and learn more!

image (3)image (4)image (5)

I didn’t take as many pictures on the boat as I had hoped, as I was almost falling out, and needing to pay attention to directions. On our way of town we stopped at this adorable little ice cream place for a sundae and a peanut butter malt. I wonder how much ice cream my Dad and I shared together… okay nevermind, not wondering, too much.


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