Weekend Wrap-Up: Prairie Du Chien

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Audrey and I were lucky enough to be invited to our friend’s trailer in Prairie Du Chien this weekend. Matt and Maranda are long time friends of Audrey’s, and since we started dating, have become good friends of mine as well. We drove to Wisconsin Saturday afternoon, and left this morning. While it wasn’t a lot of time, we packed in as much fun as possible. Unfortunately, the flooding yet again ruined our boating plans, but there was plenty of other things to do!

image (3)

Once we arrived we made a run to Starks. Maranda informed me they sell “drink stuff, guns, and boats.” What more could we need?! We picked up some supplies, Matt (who is a professional chef) grilled us up some dinner, and then we headed out to check out the local bar scene. On our way downtown Matt took us on a tiny tour of Prairie Du Chien. The sun was setting as he showed us some of the historical sites along the Mississippi. It was absolutely beautiful, and while I can’t remember any of the interesting facts, it was one of my favorites parts of the trip. After some responsible drinking downtown, we headed back to the trailer, where we spent the remainder of the evening on the screened in porch enjoying each others company.

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On Sunday morning Matt made us poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. We walked off our butter coma at Pikes Peak. We ventured down the peak to check out Bridal Veil Falls, which was beautiful! Audrey and I stopped to dip our toes in a little stream that was headed down to the Mississippi. I had forgotten how much I really enjoy hiking! There are some plans in our future to visit a very hike-y state, and I am even more excited now.

After our hike we refueled at a local restaurant, Mulligans. Their specialty is fried cheese curds. We are now making our for dinner tonight; they were that good. That afternoon we wandered around a state park, which used to be a French fort, and is right next to the Mississippi. We took a little afternoon nap, and then it was off to play mini golf!

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For dinner Matt grilled pork chops, shrimp, and green onions. We also had grits, Brussels sprouts, and pickled onions. Yeah, delicious doesn’t even come close to how good it was. Fireworks are illegal in Iowa, so obviously we shot off a bunch of fireworks. Personally, I’m scared of them, but they are pretty. We bought one that looked like a beer mug, but our favorite was called The Dragon. We ended the evening around the table playing cards.

image (17)
image (18)
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It was an absolutely perfect evening, and to top it off, we got a house! My parents have officially become our landlords. The house is just a couple blocks from the university, everyone’s jobs, and we have a bunch of friends in our neighborhood! We couldn’t be more excited. If all goes as planned we should be able to move in by mid-August. Even though we haven’t been inside yet, I am already planning lots of fun DIY updates, like painting the front door red to match the shutters!


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