Garden Party: What’s Growin’ On!

image (1)

My cheesiest post title yet! But I’m so excited by our little garden. My Super Sweet Cherry 100’s plant was the first to produce fruit. Just a couple little guys have turned red so far, but look at all that we have to look forward too, and eat! The basil plant is also bursting with leaves, and we have used them many times in our cooking. I am also addicted to lemon basil water. It’s so refreshing! The grape tomatoes have green fruit on them and should start to ripen up soon. Our green bell pepper plant has a couple cute little peppers on it. We have 2 ghost peppers that are almost to size. The yellow bell peppers haven’t shown themselves yet, but there are several flowers, which means there will be! Our onion plants are looking very healthy as well.

image (2)

Other than the tomatoes, I am most excited about the raspberries! I can’t help but eat every single one that is ripe, so I doubt I will be able to actually make anything with them, but they are delicious! I put a couple on a salad yesterday, along with some chicken and avocado. I love adding a little sweetness to salads!

image (10)
image (14)


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