Weekend Wrap-Up: Sturgis Falls

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Every year during the last weekend of June, Cedar Falls, my hometown and Waterloo’s neighboring town, celebrate Sturgis Falls. It’s like any other town celebration but it is my favorite weekend. It’s the time of year when everyone is home visiting, and there is lots of delicious food. I love running into old friends, and catching up with the ones that are still in town but that I don’t see as often.

On Friday I had lunch with my Mom in the park; tenderloins and JR donuts! She is on the board for Sturgis and has been working for almost the year last in preparation of this weekend. She is taking over coordinating all of the food vendors. Next year will be her first year running it alone, and after this year I can tell she will have no trouble at all doing so! That evening Jessica and I made our rounds from Sturgis Falls to Main Street. We rode a ride at the carnival, ran into a bunch of friends, and ended the night with pizza!

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On Saturday I went to the Sturgis Falls Parade with my parents, a yearly tradition, if I can get myself out of bed. After, we met Audrey in the park for lunch. She had a Jurassic Corndog, which she was very excited about. We shared a cheese covered potato ribbon, and even rode one of the rides at the carnival.

That evening So Happy To Be Here opened for Peas and Carrot at a little bar on The Hill called The Library. It was a good turn out, and I got to hear two of my favorite local bands play!

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On Sunday I checked off one of my 24 Before 25 goals, volunteer at the Sturgis Falls Car Show! Audrey and Walt tagged along to help me sell t-shirts. Unfortunately, like much of the weekend, it started raining. I just happen to have been lucky enough that every time I was outside this weekend and wanting to take pictures, the rain missed me. Audrey and I fell in love with that little car pictured above. Girls can dream! After the car show we grabbed some ice cream and went home to relax. Audrey made pork fajita salads for dinner so look forward to a My Chef Audrey post tomorrow!


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