My YouTube Addiction

I am obsessed with YouTube. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a bit odd, but then I remind myself I am watching YouTube channels with anywhere between 1 and 5 MILLION subscribers. So that cancels out all weirdness if that many people do it too, right? Here are a few of my favorite YouTubers and what you can expect from their channel. Oh, and you’ll probably notice a couple reoccurring themes; girls, British, make-up, funny.


Zoe Sugg is a British YouTuber that mostly posts hair and makeup tutorials, hauls (which is like sharing everything you bought on a shopping trip), and YouTube Challenges (which is when YouTubers do things just to make a video, like play sherades, or blindfolded taste tests). She also has a vlog channel, MoreZoella. She wears a lot of peter pan collars, has 2 adorable guinea pigs, and was in a Harry Potter movie.



Jaclyn Hill is a professional make-up artist who posts makeup, and occasionally hair, tutorials and reviews. Just a heads up, she’s got kind of an obnoxious voice. Audrey hates when I watch her videos. Sorry, boo. Jaclyn is very informative, and her tutorials are really easy follow. Several of my favorite beauty items are products that she recommended. For example; Nume 19MM Curling Wand, Sigma Make-Up Brushes, and the Anastaia Brow Wiz. She often has discount codes, so many of these items I did not pay full price for!!


Hannah Hart.. my girl crush for so many reason. First of all, great name. Secondly, she’s so damn cute; she has a little lisp, really great hair, and is absolutely hilarious. Third, her internet claim to fame is a series called My Drunk Kitchen. She gets drunk and cooks. Do you see why she is my girl crush?! I have been watching My Drunk Kitchen since it’s beginning in 2011, but now Hannah posts many other videos such as YouTube Challenges, and quirky advice videos, which are both as equally entertaining.


Louise Watson is another British YouTuber that posts many of the same types of videos as Zoella, they’re best friends, but Louise has her own fabulous personality. One of Louise’s main focuses is empowering women of all shapes and sizes. She also has a ridiculously adorable daughter, Darcy (who is in the video above). Louise starts every video with “Aloha Sprinklerinos,” which is what her fan base goes by. She is both informative and funny. She too has a vlog channel; SprinkleofChatter.


Nicole Guerriero is one very Italian makeup blogger. She offers both hair and make-up tutorials, hauls, product reviews, crafty home décor DIY’s, and some fashion related videos. Her style is very bold, and while she is not a professional make-up artist, she is great at teaching her viewers the techniques she uses to apply her make-up.


Mamrie Hart (yeah, she’s Hannah’s sister) is the seriously hilarious, seriously inappropriate, lady behind the series You Deserve A Drink. She creates a drink based on a person, or group, that she thinks deserves a drink. While she teaches you to make these tasty concoctions, she makes typically sexual, always hilarious, puns between each step.

Tanya Burr:

Tanya Burr is yet another British YouTuber. She’s also pals with Zoella and SprinkleOfGlitter. She posts mostly make-up tutorial based videos. However, she does occasionally post fashion videos, as well as cooking tutorials. She too, like the other make-up YouTubers I watch, is great at giving clear and helpful instructions.


I hope you have enjoyed this trip through my YouTube subscriptions. Leave me a comment if you enjoyed any of these videos, or with your favorite YouTube channel!



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