Weekend WrapUp: Peas and Carrot, and Father’s Day

image (1)

I am officially on summer vacation. I don’t think I have ever been so thrilled to be on vacation. To kick off my summer Audrey’s band, Peas and Carrot played at our local summer celebration, My Waterloo Days. Okay, it wasn’t really to kick off my summer, but I had such a good weekend I just felt like the weekend Gods were looking down on me. My parents, and one of my favorite co-workers, were there to see PnC play for the first time. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

image (2)
image (5)

Saturday morning Audrey and I went to the Farmer’s Market. Our beautiful friend Libby was running her parents flower booth that morning. She put together a bouquet of fresh flowers just for us. We had breakfast from the Cottonwood Canyon food truck. DELICOUS! I had the sandwich, and Audrey had the burrito. We also tried their Rasta Lemonade, it’s made with coconut! After the market we stopped by our local guitar shop. I spent the afternoon with my Mom while Audrey worked. Later that  evening Peas and Carrot played a show at Octopus. with So Happy To Be Here and Adam Bolts.

image (12)image (3)image (4)image (10)image (6)

On Sunday we celebrated our friend Maranda’s birthday with a surprise party! After some cake and lots of decorations, we celebrated Father’s Day at the ballpark. The Bucks won, of course. Audrey and I have decided we are their lucky charm. After the game Audrey and I had Bootjack Joes (Sloppy Joes done right!) at my parents house. We ended our day before 9 o’clock. We were just too tired to do anything but watch Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.

image (9)image (8)image (7)


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