My Chef Audrey: Italian Sausage Lasagna


I know there are probably a lot more ways to make lasagna healthy, but adding a ton of vegetables is as good as we get in our house. We had planned on having a side of Brussels sprouts as well, but by the time the lasagna was cooked we were too dang hungry to steam some sprouts.

What You Need:
1 box of oven ready lasagna noodles
2 jars of tomato sauce
1 onion
1 red, green, and yellow pepper
A lot of garlic, it’s good for you.
1 small handful of basil
3 whole carrots
1 bag mozzarella
1 container of ricotta (get whole milk if your store carries it! because screw healthy, it tastes better)
2 lbs of ground Italian sausage
1 bag of spinach
Mozzarella pearls

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Brown your sausage just enough; you don’t want it to dry out while it’s cooking in the oven. Chop your veggies and basil. In a bowl combine veggies, basil, a nice big tablespoon of garlic, and a good strong dash of all of the herbs and spices.

Now the fun part! Put down a layer of noodles (you don’t have to cook the noodles, at all, how awesome is that?!), cover the noodles with sauce, sprinkle an even layer of meat, then veggies, then ricotta, and then shredded cheese. Repeat! And then repeat again. When you add the last layer of cheese use the mozzarella pearls first, then you can add shredded cheese if you want. We wanted too.. hello.


Once your lasagna is totally lasagnaed pour a small amount of water down the sides your dish. Throughout the cooking process you will want to add a little water to the dish. This is how the noodles cook without boiling them before.

Cook for about an hour and a half. If the noodles on the top start to look crunchy either add water, or more cheese, or just take it out!



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