Weekend Wrap-Up: Babes and Baseball


I know that Thursday isn’t technically the weekend, but it was fun so I’m counting it. I’ve got the itch again to color my hair an unnatural color. I was putting the blame on Kylie Jenner, but then Tina brought hair chalk to work. Tomorrow starts casual wear at work, so I think it’s time for some casual purple, or blue, hair. After work Audrey and I stopped by the first College Hill Farmer’s Market of the year. We picked up a couple goodies and plan on going back often! After, we grabbed dinner with our friends Valerie and Luke at The Beer Hall. It may have been the last night for mahi mahi tacos. Rumor has it they are switching to shrimp. I am a little worried as I am slightly convinced I don’t like shrimp. But hey, I thought I hated fish too, and now I LOVE fish tacos!


After work on Friday Audrey and I started Orange Is The New Black, like every other person who knows what’s good for them. Another phenomenal season! Audrey headed off to work and I met my friend Maranda downtown. We enjoyed The Everette Smithson Band at the amphitheater, and then had a couple soft pretzels at our favorite spot, The Broken Record.


On Saturday Audrey and I both slept in! That almost never happens so it is worth mentioning. We spit an order of Salchipapa from La Calle for lunch. While Audrey worked I spent some time with my Mom running errands. That evening Audrey had to fulfill her managerial duties so we swung by the Octopus. The band was.. well not worth mentioning here. But some of our very favorite folks were there. Kimbra came out with her music video for 90’s Music, so my wonderful bartender at The Broken Record, Charity, made me a very colorful inspired drink.


On Sunday we had free tickets to the Buck’s game. 10 of our friends joined us to cheer on the Bucks! After a couple nail biting innings, we finished strong and won the game! Then Audrey and I were back to binge watching OITNB.

Today was the last day of class for our students and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off my summer. I’ve still got a few more days of work, but we can wear sandals and shorts so I can’t complain too much.


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