Weekend Wrap-Up: Sommer’s Birthday Party


What an absolutely perfect weekend. I’m not sure this is the worst thing to happen, but I was having such a great time I didn’t get too many pictures. On Friday night I stayed home and rested for the big weekend ahead. Audrey and I shared some pizza and she was off to work. I watched Maya Rudolph’s special on the NBC App. That woman is hilarious!

On Saturday I rounded up all the necessary supplies, did a little laundry, and hung out with Audrey at the bar until 7. Then we were off to Hillcrest Farms to celebrate the birthday of the ever wonderful Sommer. The list of bands goes on and on; Emily Otis, God Don’t Make No Trash, Twins, Peas and Carrot, and Dylan Sires & Neighbors, to name a few. Almost all of my favorite people were in attendance. I danced and danced with everyone, especially Audrey. It was SO nice to be able to just enjoy her company while listening to live music. She often has work at shows because so much of the music we go to see is played at the bar she manages. I really appreciated this weekend with her. We stayed up late into the night as people passed acoustic guitars around and enjoyed the camp fire.






Many of the guest spent the night on the farm,; this is just a section of the tents that were set up. It was a gorgeous morning in Iowa. Sommer made french toast, bacon, and eggs to order for all of her guests. Audrey, Jessica, and I fixed trays of breakfast potatoes. After the big meal I snuck off to tear down the tent. I was eventually joined by Audrey. We lounged on our pile of pillows and blankets and watched wispy white clouds fly by. It was just an absolutely perfect party, filled with lots of laughs, happy tears, and fireworks!




On Sunday night after a good long nap and a delicious dinner at Ena’s open house, I sat down for a very long session with one of my favorite guys, Ziggy. While he still has some highlights to add, I am absolutely THRILLED with how beautiful my gypsy lady turned out. She is still very swollen, and sore, but so worth it.


I was also feautured over on Nicole’s blog again for Spiffy Sunday! Check it out here!


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