Friday Fluff #2


1&2. Most Tuesday nights Audrey and I play trivia with a rotating group of friends at Octopus. This Tuesday we treated ourselves to some $5 pizza and played with Theresa, Maranda, Matt, and a long time friend of mine, Beth. Beth is back in town from New York for a couple months this summer before she begins medical school. **friend brag**
3. The first peony bloomed this week. We have many, many, many, bushes around our yard and I am hoping in the next couple days they will all be open at the same time.
4. On Wednesday I went on a little Fro-Yo date with my Mom to Cherry Berry! She’s been in Michigan for the last week visiting my Grandma. I was happy to have her home and catch up.
5. One afternoon when Audrey and I woke up from a nap, we found Sally was napping with us as well. Napping kitties is probably one of my favorite things to take pictures of.
6&7&8. Although Wednesday was the season opener, last night we went to our first Buck’s Baseball game of the year. The Waterloo Bucks are our local collegiate summer team. Athletes come from around the United States to play for the summer while still being able to maintain their same level of eligibility. Audrey and I both love baseball, and it doesn’t hurt that the Bucks are a pretty darn good team, and some of our favorite people joined us.

I leave you with some links for the weekend (and probably Monday because let’s look at my track record):
This beautiful (soon to be)tattoo by Ziggy
A couple recipes for upcoming lunch items; here, here, and here.
I’ve been spending way too much time on this tumblr.
Listening to 90’s Music over and over and anticipating Kimbra’s new album!
I already have the Foxy charm and Unicorn charm but I think I need just about every other Hex Nail Charm for summer.


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