Taking Stock


Making: Lots of plans for fun. Yesterday Audrey dedicated herself to riding her bike to work everyday. Once my summer vacation starts I be will joining. 20 miles round trip!
Cooking: More like sous cheffin’. We’ve been grilling as often as possible.
Drinking: Lots of water to keep cool, and Smith and Forge Hard Cider.
Reading: Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
Wanting: A good thunderstorm! There have been a lot of gloomy looking clouds the last couple days but they always seem to end in sunshine.
Looking: Forward to starting school.
Playing: “The Return of Multiple Cat” and lots of King Khan and the Shrines
Wasting: (seems to be the popular answer) time until 3:30, Monday – Friday. Is it summer vacation yet?!
Sewing: Well I’m not, but once that vacation starts: this, and this, and this.
Wishing: the best for my sweet Audrey. This is her first official week as manager of the Octopus. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She earned it, 100%!
Enjoying: All the awesome live music I’ve seen lately. I took a little break from seeing live music that I actually enjoyed, so the last 6 months have been great!
Waiting: For Saturday! Sommer’s birthday party is going to be wild!
Liking: Our friends. Audrey and I have really freakin’ great friends.
Wondering: When Audrey and I will go to Michigan to visit my family.
Loving: Time spent with Audrey. Did I mention that girl is the best?!
Hoping: I can convince my best gal pal, Jessica, to become a beach babe (or bum) with me.
Marveling: at the number of peonies we are about to have around our house. Get ready for a million pictures.
Needing: A good sunscreen for my face. Suggestions?!
Smelling: Fried chicken. Why does it smell like fried chicken?
Wearing: Lots of fun colorful shorts.
Following: This renovation!
Noticing: How much happier I’ve felt lately, and it seems other people have been noticing too.
Knowing: How many new foods I like, and eating them often.
Thinking: I need to learn how to budget!
Bookmarking: All things lunch!
Opening: Way too many tabs. Right now I have 15 open.
Giggling: Poo trivia last night! Team Shits n’ Giggles!
Feeling: Thankful.

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