Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Day





Friday at work we celebrated our seniors last day. Sarah brought sweet little Evelyn in. She just keeps getting cuter! I found out that Sarah and her husband put in an offer on a house a block up from ours. I would love to be able to just walk up the street to hang out with her, especially as I won’t be seeing her every day at work anymore.

After work Audrey and I went over to The Hoecker’s. Matt had been smoking pork all day long, what a treat! After dinner I went home and gave myself a much needed mani/pedi. Later I met The Hoeckers and Ethan at The Broken Record.














Saturday morning Audrey made us stop by a used car lot so she could swoon over this 1987 El Camino. She really wanted it, but is holding out for a ’58. We had lunch at La Calle; Salchipapa is probably my new favorite dish there. We took a nice little break in our busy day to let Audrey’s boss’s dog, Monk, out. After an open house and errands we got ready for the Bob Dylan Tribute Show at Octopus. Audrey played a couple covers both by herself and with her boss’s band. It was an evening of absolutely phenomenal music. I can honestly say it was some of the best music I’ve heard in a while. When Audrey sang “All I Really Want To Do” with The Plaid Shirts, I could have cried. Her voice with Al’s slide guitar was the perfect combination. I wish I had recorded it but per usual my memory card was full up. Lesson learned, deleting some photos.

On Sunday I hung out with my dear old Dad. I always feel a little wiser after our time together. In the next couple months he will be teaching both Audrey and I to sail. We are thrilled to be learning something that could potentially become a family activity for us. He even told us that once we learn we can take the boat out on our own. Not that we wouldn’t want Dad to always come with us, but he’s a busy guy. The two of us went and saw The Railway Man. We both really enjoyed. It was a bit of a history lesson, and a romantic drama. Jeremy Irvine, who plays the main character during his youth, was breath taking. Later that evening we saw several of our friend’s band’s play at 220 East, which was also the opening of Valerie’s art show. I stupidly left my phone on the charger.








On Memorial Day we met up with most of the Octopus staff for a massive cleaning day. While they filled the bar with bleach fumes, I organize their extremely extensive vinyl collection. Audrey and I had made a rum melon. You shove a bottle of rum in the top of a watermelon, let it soak in for a couple days, and then enjoy! We made smoothies with melon, ice, and sugar. After hours of cleaning Audrey grilled up some Juicy Lucy’s. I don’t even eat beef but these patties have somehow made their way onto my list of likes. How cute is our neighbor dog, Louie. And the peonies are almost blooming, my favorite! We ended our evening at The Broken Record to christen their new kegerator.

This was one of the best weekends I’ve had so far this year. We’ve got a great group of friends, and the next several weekends are full of spending time with them. Not to mention lot’s of live music, parties, camping, and SUMMER VACATION!


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