Garden Party: Super Sweet 100

Why yes this is just a photo of a bucket of dirt.

I finally got around to planting my Super Sweet 100 plant that my Mom bought me at the Mennonite green house. A quick rundown of what to do if you’re planting your own. You need a pot, a lot of sun, dirt, water, and a plant (you can buy them at almost any local greenhouse). Dig a hole just slightly deeper and wider than the roots of your plant. Gently stuff it the hole. Put dirt around it. Water. Keep watering. Water every day. And if you are a lucky, BAM, way more tomatoes than you can eat.

These super adorable flamingos were a birthday gift from my best friend Jessica.


The boss got a haircut! I think it’s pretty darn cute and perfect for summer.

I made tacos for dinner last night and when I got home from the grocery store I found these two asleep just like this. Of course Sally woke up as soon as I set foot on the steps but I know she was passed out too.


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