Weekend Wrap-Up: Grilling Season


1. Audrey and Ethan hangin’ in the Beer Garden before Audrey’s shift. Later that night Ethan, Maranda, and I went to Goodwill for Dollar Days. We met up with Maranda’s husband, Matt, at Jameson’s for dinner. Ethan treated me as a belated birthday gift. What a guy!
2. An early morning at Octopus
3. Stolen lilacs
4. We try to have a yard work power hour every weekend. I kept bumping my tattoo on things though, so I gave up pretty quickly. Sally entertained me through the window.
5. A grilling feast – asparagus bacon weave!
6. Pork, pineapple, bell peppers, and onion in various marinades.
7. Audrey and I have really enjoyed spending time together in the kitchen lately. I’ve really enjoyed eating the results too.
8. Julie bought us a firepit!
9. S’Mores with campfire size mallows
10. We swung by the show at Octopus quick to support our friend’s Dylan Sires and Neighbors and wish our dear friend Sommer Happy Birthday. We were both so worn out though we headed home shortly after arriving.
11. Sunday morning light
12. A walk to the gas station to get eggs and cheese. Living just a few blocks away is perfect for things like this, and our neighborhood is so beautiful.
13. Breakfast – bacon bowls!
14. Octopus hosted an all-age show and grill out. It was pretty much the perfect day, both setting up and the actual event. We snagged a watermelon for $3.50 at Aldi, yum!
15. Dinner! Of course Audrey was the grill master, and she did a fabulous job as usual.


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