Friday Fluff

I’m here with a little extra fluff for the end of your week to hold you over until Monday’s Weekend Wrap-up.


1&2. This week was the Appreciation Dinner that our Co-Op students hold each year. It’s always bittersweet. I have lucked out year after year having the coolest kids as Co-Ops. They help out with many of the regular office duties, but they are also just fun to have around. The above picture is Kyle, myself, Ena, and Ben who work directly with me. Below is my living Barbie, Abi, who works in Student Services. All of them have worked so hard to get where they are and I couldn’t be more proud.

3. My lily’s from Emma have been blooming all week long. They are all open now and smell amazing.

4. These curls kill me.

5. Audrannah (Audrey and Hannah) had appointments to get food tattoos last night with our favorite guy, Ziggy! Audrey got a frying pan with eggs and bacon. I got a slice of pizza and pineapple, “Together Forever”. Sorry Mom and Julie!

6. Ironically I arrived at work to find a bag of parmesan and red peppers on my desk from another Co-Op, Amber. How fitting!

7. Little baby Evan came to visit at work today. He’s rockin’ my Dad’s haircut!

Sometimes I’m not sure if my week is dragging on or flying by. I always find myself saying both “Wow! It’s already Friday?!” and “Thank goodness it’s Friday!” Anyway! Tonight my plans are pretty much up in the air. I may bundle up and enjoy some time in the Beer Garden with my friend Ethan. Tomorrow Audrey and I are hoping to plant my tomato plant. I have a couple graduation open houses to visit and eat at! Later in the evening some of our favorite guys are holding another fundraiser show. If you haven’t already, you MUST listening to Dylan Sires & Neighbors. They are raising money to go on tour in Japan later this year. Sunday will hopefully be a day of rest, and then Cuddle Magic is playing at Octopus. Lots of good live music at Octopus this weekend. The Cuddle Magic show is all ages, so join us and bring all your friends! Let’s see how accurate I was when I post my Weekend Wrap-Up.

I will leave you with a couple of my favorite Instagram accounts that belong to some of my very talented friends. Just click the links below and enjoy!



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