My Chef Audrey: Spring Rolls and Peanut Sauce


Here’s the facts.. Peanut sauce is not pretty, and cooking past 6 o’clock on a cloudy day results in dark pictures. And with that here is a recipe for spring rolls and peanut sauce.

What you’ll need:

For Spring Rolls
Rice wrappers (we found these at our local asian food store)
Romaine hearts
Sliced carrots
Red pepper
Red onion
Sticky rice

For the Peanut Sauce:
Fish sauce
Coconut milk
Hot sauce or ground chili
Soy sauce
Chunky peanut butter


Start your rice! We used minute rice because it’s cheap and starchy so it sticks. If you are fancy you can buy sushi rice.

Did you know the easiest way to peel ginger is with the edge of a spoon? Yeah, me either, but it is. So do that. Mince your ginger and garlic; about a tablespoon of each. In a medium size sauce pan add a splash of fish sauce, half a lime of lime juice, your ginger, and your garlic. Put your heat on medium and “let it do it’s thang!” Fish sauce, when it’s cooking, smells flippin’ awful. Really. It’s terrible. But it adds a nice little bite to the sauce so it’s worth it. Once your garlic and ginger have browned slightly, add a can of coconut milk. Add in couple good shakes of hot sauce, we used Cholula Chili Garlic. If you like spicy, add more. I can’t handle spicy, and it was so not spicy at all. Also add in about 1/4th a bottle of soy sauce. Stir and let simmer. Next add about a cup of peanut butter. We got a little over zealous with the peanut butter so your sauce might look a bit thinner than ours. Keep stirring and throw in a good handful of chopped cilantro and basil. At this point Audrey killed the heat, so do that. I forgot to ask if that was a real instruction. Whoops.

At some point during all that you can slice your veggies into long, thin, pieces. Also remove your rice from the heat once it’s cooked and put it in the fridge. If you were really smart, you’d make your rice earlier in the day and put it in the fridge so it’s cold. We are more fly by the seat of our pants dinner planners.

Now the fun part! Get a sheet of rice paper and wet it, like this. Add a little of each veggie, your cooled rice, and roll!




Add a splash of lime juice over your spring rolls, serve with peanut sauce, and be way impressed with yourself because these are super fun and fancy! This would be a great meal to prepare with kids, or even at a party! They are so fun!!!!

I’m sorry I can’t always be specific with measurements. Audrey just throws everything in there! Hope you enjoy making these as much as we did, and that you have an easier time finding your ingredients. If you have an Asian food store, start there!



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