Garden Party: Planting


Today is the first post of what will probably be my favorite feature, Garden Party! I have been looking forward to planting a garden for months. To say I hate winter would be an understatement. I have been admiring Drea’s garden and couldn’t wait to plant my own. Yesterday was finally the day! Audrey went out and bought all sorts of vegetables and herbs.


To start you will need to find a place that gets a good amount of sun, is protected from the wind, and is convenient for you. You could build a raised bed so you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees, but we already had a little plot that once had flowers in it.

Gather your garden tools such as a trowel and rake. You might need a big shovel if you have to dig up anything other than the little space your plants will need, we had to remove a peony plant (don’t worry we have a bazillion more). Have your hose or sprinkling can handy.


Audrey purchased seedlings instead of starting our own from seed for a couple reasons. Seedlings are less maintenance, they support local business, and as Audrey says “there’s no diddlin'” I think that just means they’re easier.

To plant your seedlings you will need to remove them from the plastic. If the roots have clumped together, gently pull each plant a part. Dig a hole slightly deeper than your root ball, and place your plant inside. Cover the plant with dirt just above the root ball. You want your plant to be securely in the ground with dirt covering the stem slightly.


The type of plant determines the spacing of each plant so be sure to ask your local garden expert or consult google for exact spacing. I am but a hobbyist, Audrey is leading the way in this garden. I just follow her directions and smile and get excited about the whole thing. My Dad almost always had a garden going, so I’ve gotten some experience over the years, but it was mostly just in eating.


Most of our veggies, and all of the herbs, will produce all summer long. How great is that?! There are some plants, such a squash, that you plant in late August, that will produce in the fall so the garden party will never end! We also have a good size raspberry patch in another spot on the side of the house that I am praying produces fruit. My Grandma used to make raspberry jam with my Uncle’s raspberries. It was so good she didn’t even have to can it; it was gone in a flash! She’s put it in those yellow butter containers instead. I am hoping I can find her recipe and make my own. If anyone has a couple of those butter containers, I will take ’em!


After all your plants are in the ground give them a big drink of water, but be gentle! They are still just fragile little babies. I will be back soon with updates on our plants, as well as more tips and tricks for your own garden. Next week I am planting a cherry tomato plant in a big galvanized tub, a great alternative to the upkeep a garden requires.


What we planted: red onions, grape and cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, rosemary, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, and cabbage.
Thanks Audrey and Walt for getting your hands dirty while I took pictures. And PBR for keeping them hydrated!


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