Weekend Wrap-Up: College Hill Music Festival

The last 4 days have been a total blur. I had planned on doing a weekend wrap up on Monday but besides being busy, I just wasn’t very happy with how my pictures turned out. I didn’t realize how many things I do in the dark until I started editing my pictures. There were a lot of way too grainy and dark photos for my taste, so I apologize in advance.

Anywho! Friday I met up with my friend Maranda at Octopus. We buzzed over to the newest restaurant on The Hill, which is where all the businesses are that are nearest to the college, La Calle. La Calle is a Latin American bistro, and like the majority of the businesses on The Hill, is locally owned. The food is delicious. I would highly recommend checking them out. I tried the Choripan, which is a sort of sausage with cheese and guasacaca sauce.


Saturday was the College Hill Music Festival. The bar Audrey’s manages was one the 3 venues so we spent the morning and afternoon readying the space for the event. I love helping Audrey at work. As silly as it might sound, it reminds me of when I would go to work with my Mom as a little girl. We ate lunch at La Calle, again. It really was that good. This time I tried the hotdog with onions, green peppers, and shoestring potatoes. The coleslaw is made with red cabbage, and is on the sweeter side. I am not the biggest coleslaw fan, but I absolutely LOVE this. We also tried the sweet potato fries, and like everything else, they are amazing.


Audrey had to work most of the night, but her band also played the festival. I started my evening at Sidecar Coffee to hear some friends of mine play. Their band, So Happy To Be Here, is fairly new so I have only seen them play twice but, I really enjoyed them both times. According to their facebook page they play punk fusion. They have a great sound that reminds me of the beach. After they played I met up with my best friend, Anna, who was in town for the festival from Des Moines.


Next Audrey’s band, played at The Library, a tiny little venue that can easily seem packed, but when P&C played it was truly packed. They welcomed their bass player, Walt, back from Philadelphia. Audrey and I also welcomed Walt into our spare bedroom earlier in the week. P&C was full of energy, and were on their game 100%! I am so proud of them. They have several upcoming show including My Waterloo Days, and Cedar Valley Pride Fest.


Anna and I then dashed over to Octopus to hear Annalibera. We LOVED them. Their music was beautiful, but we also loved Anna, their singer and keyboardist. We both then spent much of their set contemplating getting bangs and learning keyboard.


We then went back to the library to hear The Tinder Box from South Dakota. I immediately text Audrey and told her she had to book them to play at Octo so she could hear them. They are the perfect combination of folk, blues, and bluegrass. It felt like music to a movie. I was so impressed.


After a short break spent hanging out with Audrey and Ethan in the beer garden we were off to see the highly anticipated the Soil and the Sun. They were the headlining band that traveled all the way from Michigan.


We wrapped up our night watching a local band, Twins . In March the Octopus hosted their album release party. I have been listening to their new album, Tomboys on Parade, on repeat ever since. It is always a treat to see them play. Then Anna and I had to say our goodbyes, which is never fun. By that time I was exhausted but still spent a couple hours waiting for Audrey to finish working.

Anna and I

The next day we enjoyed an infamous breakfast at Morg’s Diner, did some chores, and had a Cinco De Mayo inspired dinner of enchiladas.




So there was my weekend in a nutshell. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to post right away on Monday. I’m not sure I am going to keep this same format for recapping however.

Last night I hosted trivia at the Octopus. I guess I made the questions a little too hard, whoops! But hopefully I will host again and I will be sure to not try so hard. Tonight Audrey is making dinner, and while she is bartending, I will be hanging out with my Mom.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The next one is almost here!


I forgot to mention I was featured over on Nicole’s photography blog! She just recently moved over to WordPress so be sure to update your bloglovin’, bookmark, reader, whatever. Nicole is doing a new feature, Spiffy Sundays. It’s a great idea for inspiration and I was lucky enough to be her first featured blogger. Also be sure to checkout Nicole’s other blog, Haus of Harnois.. if anything just to see how flippin’ cute her little girl, Eisley, is.


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