A Cloudy Day Surprise

Thursday night typically involves Audrey, myself, and my Dad enjoying the worlds most delicious fish tacos at The Beer Hall. This Thursday we were joined by several of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday! Technically my birthday isn’t until May 9th, but Audrey and I will be out of town for a wedding. Can you believe this is the 2nd surprise party Audrey has thrown for me?! The first time around was for my 17th birthday.


A little story on the cake.. Carl of Ruskit Rooster Farms recently bought a bakery. My cake was baked and decorated by Carl himself. One night Audrey and I were out for a drink with some friends when she requested a permenate marker. She then drew a cat head and took a picture of it. So of course being myself I filled in the face and wrote “Meow!”. I didn’t realize I was decorating my own cake.

IMG_5013[1] IMG_5014[1] IMG_5015[1] IMG_5017[1] IMG_5018[1]
I am so thankful to have the sweetest girlfriend in the world. She is so considerate and always puts my happiness first. I hope I am always doing the same for her. I am also thankful for my friends, I can’t help but have a giant smile on my face whenever I am with them.. clearly.


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