Sweet Hannah Pea Returns!

I wonder how many times I have re-started this blog, or various others. I have been blogging for 10 years.. wow, am I really that old!? I’ve gone through waves of serious dedication, and then months of not making a peep. But finally, I think I will stick around and post regularly! Turns out when you are truly enjoying your life, and find an area of focus, you are much more motivated to share!

My blog will continue to be a lifestyle blog, but my lifestyle has shifted slightly. In December I started dating the most beautiful amazing perfect lady, Audrey. We’ve always had an eye for each other, we even dated several years ago.


After several years apart we are both finally in a place to truly commit to our relationship. It has been very fast moving, but I have loved every minute of it! When Audrey and I started dating, being the blog obsessed girl that I am, I went on the hunt to find couples similar to us. Now maybe they are all just well hidden, but I couldn’t find a single blog that fit what I was looking for. Both Audrey and I are very not .. well.. rainbow wearing lesbians. Yes, we support the LGBT community, but we are just us. I want to use this blog as an outlet to show that while we are of the same sex, our relationship is just a plain ole loving relationship. Nothing too exciting, but hopefully exciting enough that you’ll keep reading!


I do however have oodles of questions about the legal side of marriage, adopting children, or even in vitro fertilization. While these things are not currently affecting our life, I am curious! My hopes are to share the stories of other women who have lived through these things. I also hope to eventually share my own stories.

Sweet Hannah Pea won’t be all relationship related stuff though, not to worry! There will be posts about our garden from start to finish, make-up tutorials and reviews, recipes created by Audrey, details about my 4th (yes, 4th) college experience, DIY’s, and music reviews. Weekly features will include weekend wrap-ups, outfit posts, and who and/or what is inspiring me.


I am thrilled to be back in the blogging game and hope that you enjoy every moment here at Sweet Hannah Pea!


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