How To Freeze Corn

I meant to write this last weekend so if someone felt inspired they could go out and freeze their own corn.. By now it’s gotten cold and rainy and I’d guess most of the corn out there is gone.

First, buy corn. Hello. At the end of summer many of the farms offer a freezer special so be sure to ask the guy who’s bagging it for you. It’s a bushel and then some. A bushel is A LOT of corn. We still have a couple pints left from last year. You could of course get less corn. This is a messy process so we do it outside.


Next, shuck the corn, watch out for caterpillars! Then boil the corn for about 5 minutes.


Remove the corn from the boiling water and submerge it in cold water. We use a cooler and keep water from the hose running.


Cut the kernels from the cob being careful not to cut too close. I run the blade up the cob to get the bottom of the kernel and the milk… Yes corn has milk. You can kind of see it In the picture below. If you’ve ever cut the kernels off the cob you know what I’m talking about it.


Lastly take as much as you’d like when you prepare it, so a serving, two, three, etc. and put it in a plastic baggie. Date the bag, label it, whatever, and put it in the freezer.


The end. I am a totally sweet corn fanatic, so this is the best way for me to have sweet corn year round. I think we ended up with over 30 baggies. Next up, apples!


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