I thought I’d write a little ditty about what I’m most thankful for, especially over these last couple months. This will be lengthy and cutesy. 1. Being apart of Nicole’s wedding day. She looked so beautiful and we had a great time! I can’t wait for her and Andrew’s future together and I feel blessed to be apart of the beginning! 2-4. My job, and all the adorable perks that come along with it. For the opportunity to learn all the new skills that come along with it. 5. Road trips to fun places! Especially when you learn that your boyfriend loves Ikea almost as much as you do! 6-10. New friends, work friends, best friends, little friends, and most hilariously drunk friends. 11-12. Being able to vote, and maybe a little for winning. 13-14. For all the most amazing thrifting adventures I’ve been on with my Mom, who happens to be my best friend and the coolest person I know. (LOVE YOU MOM!) 15-16. For very different adventures I’d never though I’d take, and my Dad for taking me on them. Also my Dad for fixing and putting things together (My Mom has done plenty of this as well). 17-18. My apartment, my beautiful bad smell free, perfect view, all windows apartment. I never thought I’d be blessed with such a beautiful space. It will be hard to find something more perfect than this 1 bedroom beauty. 19. All the amazingly delicious food I’ve tried. Mostly fro-yo and all the bazillion of toppings I put on it. 20. Vampire Diaries. No seriously. I love VD. I’m also thankful for Voxer, which allows me to watch the show with my two best friends without ever having to get dressed or leave the couch. 21. THE COLOR RUN – enough said. 22. THIS FOOD – THIS THANKSGIVING!


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