I’ve moved! I mean literally! This Saturday I moved to a new apartment. As soon as I tell my friends where I’m living (yes, I’ve been keeping it a secret because it’s so super cool and I want it to be a surprise), I will post pictures.

It seems I have also got a mini-promotion at work. I am now the  “Special Projects Coordinator”. Basically just a fancy title for .. “Hannah, we want to do this, make it happen.” And I now spend more time on In-Design and Photoshop. No complaints there.

Unfortunately my computer has crashed yet again. When the nearest place to get your computer fixed is 2 hours away, sometimes you have to wait until someone really cool, like your Mom, goes there so she can take it and talk to the tech guys and express to them how flippin’ frustrating it is that my computer that was supposed to last forever keeps crapping out on me for no apparent reason………… But thanks to my Mom she has temporary loaned me her computer so I can continue to live as an internet junkie.

So that’s my life in a really little nutshell as of lately. I am now dedicated to the frequent use of my blog and my camera for those have time to take pictures on something other than their phone. See you soon.


And here is an unrelated photo from when I saw Mary Poppins in Wisconsin with my Mom and cousin Angela. 


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